Top 10 Ways E-commerce Brands can Increase Brand Visibility in 2021

The sales in the eCommerce sector are expected to rise up to $476 billion by 2024 and 2020 is already seeking a sales rise of up to $375 billion.

Even though traditional retail sales have declined in the US, eCommerce has seen 129% year-over-year growth. If you are a digital marketing agency in California, this is the time to upgrade your eCommerce brand strategy to make the best out of 2021. Marketing strategies play an essential role in increasing brand visibility and eventually lifting sales for the business.

2020 was a year for online shopping, and if you want to be a part of the future of eCommerce this is the time to increase brand visibility by investing in the best marketing strategies and hiring the best digital marketing agency in 2021.

Here are the top 10 ways eCommerce brands can increase brand visibility

Video Marketing

Nearly 87% of marketers would agree that videos helped in increasing traffic on their website. Since customer’s attention span has decreased highly over the years, opting for video marketing services can be a great way to hold their attention and business. Being a digital marketing agency in California, we religiously follow this strategy to get more engagement. Video can be based on the use of your products, new features you have introduced on the website, subscriptions, offers, etc. Make it fun and intriguing for eCommerce buyers to raise brand visibility and higher reach.


More than 50% of shoppers say that a personalized online experience is important. A personalized eCommerce experience can also play a vital role in raising customer satisfaction. If your eCommerce brand is helping people find what they need, they would prefer buying from you more. Search engine leaders like Google will also help improve your brand’s visibility based on relevance, and experience your brand is offering to the customers. Personalization tactics can include messages, emails, etc., to strengthen your bond with the customers.


Many digital marketing agencies use this, but in 2021 this can be even more fruitful for brand visibility and recognition. Retargeting is based on past behavior, preferences, interest of the audience where digital ads can be shown to match the viewer’s preferences. These ads are generally based on previously run ad campaigns where pixels and cookies can tag users who clicked on the ads.

Content Marketing

Content continues to be the king, as it plays an essential role in every aspect of marketing strategy. As a digital marketing agency in California, we use it for all our clients. From creating, blogs, SEO articles, social media campaigns, webpages, website pop-ups, and much more, content can play an important role in flipping customer’s perspectives. Content helps in creating trust, reliability, and empowerment in buyer’s decisions to buy a product or service. Those eCommerce brands that use content to its full potential have seen its lasting effect in enhancing their brand’s visibility.

Social media ads

Paid ads platforms on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. help in raising brand awareness through targeted ads. These ads help eCommerce brands reach out to the audience more than just followers. There are different types of ads one can run on different social media platforms with the goal of increasing likes, lead generation, impressions, views, website traffic, and much more.

Influencer marketing

If you want to get brand visibility and influence online, social media influencer collaboration can be a great strategy in 2021 too. They have a huge fan base that admires and follow them. They can be a big megaphone to generate traffic on your website.


It is the most essential part of eCommerce marketing; many digital marketing agencies use this strategy for their clients to provide their website with an SEO-friendly structure. Keyword-rich descriptions, multiple images, Meta tags, title tags, alt text, etc. help searchers discover your products and then click on them. Good SEO also helps to improve eCommerce websites ranking on the Google search engine. Hence, if you still not prioritizing SEO in 2021, maybe it’s time to re-strategize.

Retention and re-engagement

This strategy is for the customers who bought something from you in the past. It can be tough to acquire new customers and also it’s a time taking process. But losing touch and engagement of old customers can be even more harmful to eCommerce brands. If you are providing them with a good customer experience and attractive offers via emails and text messages, they are more likely to refer your brands to others. You should also update them about new products which can result in gaining customer loyalty.

Brand collaboration

An ensemble of multiple brands can be fashion, accessories, home decor, or anything. Brand collaborations help in widening the horizon of consumers, when one brand recommends another, consumers listen to them and get influenced to buy the other brand’s products. The audience alignment helps both the brands grow in terms of audience as well as in sales. These collaborations are done in a bundle or on a complimentary basis. This strategy can be very helpful for eCommerce brands in 2021. If you are a digital marketing agency or anywhere else, suggest this idea to your client to improve their brand visibility.

Customer reviews

If you were ignoring customer reviews so far, start taking them seriously in 2021. Stats suggest, adding reviews can increase sales by nearly 400% of high-priced products. Reviews boost sales by 18%, and nearly 71% of customers say they feel more confident purchasing a product when it has reviews. Most of the time, visitors come to your eCommerce website and leave it since there aren’t any reviews. Brands can use reviews in emails, social media posts, videos, websites, etc. to build trust and increase brand visibility online.

These are some of the highly suggested tactics for eCommerce brands in 2021. There are many other things that brands can do, such as podcasts, affiliate marketing, newsletter, Facebook shop, Google ads, rewards, etc. to increase brand visibility. So, start taking advantage of these trends asap!

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