A Guide To Buying Grand Seiko Watches

Grand Seiko Watches

Grand Seiko is best known for being the luxury line of watches under the Seiko brand. While regular Seiko watches have been in the market for their tough designs, Grand Seiko elevates them. This collection takes the basic features of a timeless watch and further improves it. Due to this, the brand was able to rival other watches like Swiss watches. 

If you are new to Grand Seiko watches, you are in the right place! These fascinating timepieces have a lot to offer, uncovering many secrets. Once you have a timepiece in mind, it can be your gateway into the world of horology. Check out more on this guide to Grand Seiko buying guide. 

Design Characteristics

Being a luxury watch line, Grand Seiko follows common design characteristics. While not all models have them, elements are present in every other watch. Here are the following design traits used in these watches since 1960:

  • Multi-faceted rectangular indexes
  • Multi-faceted hands
  • Polished bezels
  • Double index at 12 o’clock
  • Half-recessed winding crown
  • Flat dials

At first glance, these parts are common in every other watch, including regular watches. But if you look at the finished product, all parts have intricate proportions. Sometimes, there are parts that reflect and complement each other well. 


Dials are one of the first things that people will look at in a watch. For Grand Seiko, they put a lot of effort into it. Most dials have designs inspired by mother nature, a common motif in Japanese art. These parts have exquisite finishes, and some of them are signature designs in the timepiece. 

If you buy a watch but prefer to change the dial, you can do so at your nearest watchmaker. However, the parts should be compatible with the model you own. Check out this link for more dials that you can include: https://shop.seikoboutique.com.ph/collections/grand-seiko.


Seiko is best known for its quartz movement. And right now, they include more movements to meet demands within the industry today. They include quartz, mechanical, and spring drive movements. 

In particular, spring drive movements are one of their crown jewels. It went through a long development process, resulting in becoming the best in the market. Inside a watch, a mainspring powers up the spring drive watch, transmitting the signal to a circuit. As a result, the movement becomes smoother and avoids the need for a battery.

Watch Collections

If you are still looking for a specific watch, Grand Seiko has four collections for you. Each collection is suitable for men and women, with the difference in design and style. The four collections are Masterpiece, Elegance, Heritage, and Sport. Case materials usually include steel, titanium, ceramic, gold, and platinum, but some can include diamond accessories.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best Grand Seiko watch will depend on many factors, including design, dials, and movement. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, you can try one model from any collection for starters. What you see on the model is what you get. At first glance, you will appreciate how much effort they put into making the watch. In the end, Seiko continues to create high-quality watches. 

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