Birthstone Month Wise – The Ultimate Guide

Month Wise Birthstones

List Of Birthstone By Months

1. January Birthstone – Garnet
2. February Month Birthstone – Amethyst
3. March Month Birthstone – Aquamarine
4. April Month Birthstone – Diamond & Herkimer Diamond
5. May Month Birthstone – Emerald
6. June Month Birthstones – Moonstone & Pearl
7. July Month Birthstone – Ruby & Libyan Desert Glass
8. August Month Birthstones – Peridot
9. September Month Birthstone – Kyanite & Sapphire
10. October Month Birthstones – Opal
11. November Month Birthstones – Golden Topaz, Citrine
12. December Month Birthstones – Turquoise, Larimar & Tanzanite

Month Wise Birthstones

Birthstones are semi-precious stones that are correlated with each month of the year. From ancient times these stones have held a special significance in many cultures, and it is believed that they possess some unique properties which bring luck & fortune and take care of the health and well-being of the wearer in many ways. So, in this Ultimate Guide, we will look into a brief overview of birthstone month wise.

January Birthstone

Garnet gemstone, the alluring red beauty, is the Birthstone for the January people. Its intense red color showcases love, faith, and loyalty. This semi-precious gemstone is found in different parts of the world, including the United States, India & Africa. It is also believed garnets have some healing properties that help in improving blood circulation & reducing inflammation.

February Birthstone

Amethyst, an astonishing stone, is the Birthstone for February folks. It is famous for its unique purple color and is assumed to protect from the intoxication and negative thoughts to the wearer. It is found in the places like Russia, Zambia & Brazil and also contains healing properties as it helps relieve stress & anxiety.

March Birthstone

Aquamarine, also known as aqua aura, this blue-green colored stone is the Birthstone of the people who were born in March, which represents communication, innovation, and bravery. This blue-green beauty is found in Pakistan, Madagascar & Brazil. In addition, this stone contains some soothing properties that help eliminate sinus, lung & respiratory problems and relax the body & mind.

April Birthstone

Diamond Gemstone is one of the most pleasing & expensive birthstones for the April people. This dazzling stone represents purity, strength & affection and has healing properties that help in increasing positive energies and creativity. Generally, they are found in the places like Canada, Russia & Australia.

Herkimer Diamond is another birthstone of April, a clear, double-terminated quartz crystal found only in Herkimer County, New York. This crystal has healing properties that help in promoting good health & reducing stress. In addition, Herkimer diamonds are believed to represent clarity, intuition, and spiritual growth.

May Birthstone

Emerald, the beautiful green crystal, is the Birthstone for the people who were born in May that shows friendship, love & loyalty. This green beauty is mainly founded in Zimbabwe, Colombia, & Brazil and has healing properties that help improve memory and eyesight.

June Birthstone

Moonstone, which is also famous as moon magic, is the Birthstone for June folks. These Crystals are usually found in parts including Sri Lanka, Madagascar & India. It is believed that this stone has some healing properties which help promote inner peace and balance emotions, and sometimes it signifies new beginnings, intuitions & feminine energy.

Pearl is also a birthstone of June; basically, it is not a gemstone but a unique creation of a living organism. It contains healing properties like improving fertility and emotional balance, and they are usually found in Japan, China, Australia & the United States.

July Birthstone

Libyan Desert Glass, a beautiful stone, is the Birthstone of the July people. It is formed by the impact of a meteorite on the earth’s surface which is yellow-green in color. This stone is used to symbolize transformation, healing & spiritual growth also has some comforting properties that help alleviate negative energies and thoughts from the mind. It is highly valued for its rarity and uniqueness and is only found in the Sahara Desert.

Ruby is another attractive Birthstone of July month. It is a deep red gemstone that symbolizes passion, courage, and vitality; improving blood circulation & boosting the immune system are the healing properties of the beautiful crystal, and they are found in Thailand, Myanmar, and Madagascar.

August Birthstone

Peridot is a charismatic birthstone for the August people that brings healing, prosperity & wealth to the life of the wearer. China, Arizona & Pakistan are the parts of the world where this green beauty is located. This delightful crystal helps strengthen the immune system metabolism, provides many benefits to the skin, and also helps in removing negative thoughts from the mind. 

September Birthstone

Kyanite is the Birthstone for people who were born in September. This attractive blue crystal shows inner peace, self-expression & communication. This stone is also known as a natural pain reliever and has soothing properties that help to heal infections and lower blood pressure. And it is primarily found in India, Nepal & Brazil.

Sapphire is another birthstone for September. It is a beautiful blue crystal that represents wisdom, truth, and sincerity. Sapphires are also believed to have healing properties and can help in improving mental clarity and focus. They are found in many parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Australia.

October Birthstone

Opal, also famous as the play of colors, is the Birthstone of October people. It is a multi-colored gemstone including white, black, and all the colors of the rainbow. This unique gemstone expresses imagination, inspiration & innovation. It is found in the areas like Mexico, Australia & Ethiopia and contains healing properties that help in enhancing spiritual awareness & intuition.

November Birthstone

Moldavite, this excellent crystal, is the Birthstone for the November folks. It is believed that this green beauty helps to showcase cosmic energy, spiritual growth & conversion. Furthermore, it is assumed that it helps enhance skills and creativity and removes negative energies by fostering positive ones. The rarity and the origin make it famous among collectors & seekers, and it is found in the Czech Republic.

Citrine is also a birthstone for November. It is a yellow or orange gemstone that represents happiness, abundance, and success. Citrine is also believed to have energizing properties and can help in promoting mental clarity and focus. Citrine is found in many parts of the world, including Brazil, Spain, and Madagascar.

December Birthstone

Turquoise is a beautiful birthstone for people who are born in December. It is found in many parts of the world, including China, Mexico & United States. This appealing gemstone is believed to provide protection, balance & healing. Turquoise has been mainly used in jewelry manufacturing and has acted as a decorative stone for thousands of years, and it is highly in demand because of its beauty and cultural significance. In addition, this stone also contains calming properties that involve relieving stress & anxiety.

Larimar is another birthstone of December; it is also a blue-green color gemstone that is found only in the Dominican Republic. Larimar shows peace, clarity & emotional healing and also possesses soothing properties which help in reducing stress & anxiety; it is a rare gemstone, so its beauty and unique color makes it highly popular among jewelry collectors & enthusiasts.

Tanzanite is also a stone for December folks. It is found only in Tanzania containing blue-purple color, and it is believed to exemplify wisdom and spiritual growth. It is a relatively new gemstone discovered in 1967 with healing properties that helps treat disorders of the skin, throat, lungs, & eyes and even help boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and regenerate cells & tissues.

Conclusion of Birthstone Month Wise

In conclusion, birthstones have been an essential part of many cultures for centuries. Each gemstone has its own unique properties and meanings, and wearing your Birthstone is believed to bring good luck and positive energy into your life. Whether you’re a collector, a jewelry enthusiast, or just looking for a meaningful gift, birthstones offer a wide variety to choose from.

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