Glove Box Systems with the Best Variations

The glove box happens to be a sealed container.  They allow you to pass from the inside to the outside easily and being generally very small they are comfortable to place on a counter or even to physically move

There are Several Types of Glove Boxes:

  • Simple Glove Boxes
  • Simple glove boxes with material passage compartment
  • Glove Box with positive or negative pressures
  • Glove Box with Hepa or ULPA filtration
  • DIY Glove Box! Not recommended

Simple Glove Boxes

Usually, simple glove boxes have transparent parts (such as clear acrylic) that allow the user to see what is being manipulated inside for quick and easy processing.

The photo shows an example of a glove box with two front gloves and a side opening for the passage of materials inside before processing.

There is no Heap or Ulna Filtration nor a Depression to Maintain Containment

There is, therefore, no easy-to-manage environment due to the passage of materials inside directly from this opening which does not allow isolation from the work area to the outside

Not recommended for dangerous processes or carcinogenic powders in short

Simple Glove Boxes with Material Passage Compartment

They are always very simple structures, generally transparent but can be built in various ways.

Their peculiarity is that they have a material passage compartment that allows you to insert something inside the glove box without having direct contact with the outside.

There is no filtration or differential pressures of any kind therefore the insulation is always very mild and is not recommended for dangerous processes but could be a valid solution for other types of manipulations.

Glove box With Positive Or Negative Pressures

In this other example, we find a Glove Box that has both a compartment to pass materials to isolate the inside from the outside and of the valves and relative couplings to create a positive or negative pressure depending on the processing and containment towards the outside or towards the interior that you want to keep

The structure, in this case, is totally transparent for an easy view of the interior and maneuverability with large vertical spaces

In any case, these are always very small and light structures, very comfortable to place on a counter or even inside a chemical hood for example, or a biohazard hood if necessary

The types of work are certainly the most disparate and therefore it is not easy to give a univocal direction of work but certainly depending on the type of work you can find the most suitable placement

Glove Box With   Heap Or Ulna Filtration

In the photo, we have a Glove Box with HEPA or ULPA filtration and a material pass box with a double front and side opening.

Air filtration takes place through filters which in some cases can only be used to filter the air that enters the glove box or to also clean the air introduced to the outside.

In this case, we are talking about class III glove boxes and they are regulated by UNI EN ISO 12469

The Glove Box Systems always has well-sealed gloves on the front so the operator can put his hands inside and work safely.

How To Work With A Glove Box?

  • We always recommend placing double gloves on the gloves themselves so as to protect them from any eventuality
  • Insert a bin inside the glove box for any dirt produced
  • Insert all the necessary material before starting to work
  • Introduce the dirt into the bag and seal it and then remove it
  • In the case of a Glovebox with a material pass, try not to contaminate it
  • Always use outer gloves if you touch the structure or have to pick up material
  • In the case of glove boxes with pressures, check that they comply with the pressure switches
  • Check that the gloves of the glove box do not show cuts or lacerations of any kind
  • Check that the glove box seals are intact and in good condition
  • Clean the inside of the glove box after use
  • Do not use chemicals that develop vapors inside
  • Do not use aggressive products for cleaning surfaces which could make them opaque

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There are also Some Homemade Glove Boxes

Sifting through the internet I found nice reconstructions of glove boxes that obviously and I sincerely hope will be used only for some games of I don’t know what type

These are non-airtight environments, made from plastic toys or cardboard boxes from what we have seen Kitchen gloves or similar are used and they are boxes with attached gloves that to call a glove box is hard to believe. Unfortunately, I’ve actually read about some who use and recommend them for handling chemicals or other dangerous products.

Saving is Okay But Not When Health is at Stake

So if you had even the slightest intention of creating a box with gloves that we will not call glove box, get it out of your mind.

In a laboratory it is not recommended as well as not even regulated or guaranteed by anyone, it cannot have any certification of any kind or other.

This puts you totally at risk in case of accidents or injuries and then you will be the one to explain it to your managers or to a magistrate in charge of carrying out the investigation for the fault of someone.


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