Here is How You Can Easily Obtain Payment Gateway License in India

payment gateway license

Payment gateway license is the business permit to start and run a payment gateway in India. Reserve Bank of India issues this license to eligible individuals after assessing them with some particular hard-to-live-up-to standards. But, is the process really that difficult?

Payment gateway relies on software that only runs on hardware that you might need to import. Thus, make sure that your importer has the necessary LMPC certificate. Without LMPC certification, your hardware might not be strong enough to run your payment gateway.

We are living in a new age of money. While we used to dream about the showers of currency notes back in the day, we now dream of our bank accounts showing us a lot of money. Simply put, our dreams have done digital. And we can attribute it all to digital transactions. Just one click is all it takes to buy something online, and few keystrokes are all you need to pay the thing you’re buying.

To enable these online transactions, there is a payment gateway. However, you might have noticed that there are only a few payment gateway license-s in India. Why is that? Is it because not many people are interested in it? Is it because the process of getting this license is extremely difficult? Or is it the lack of awareness that has sown the seeds of misconception in people – who think that getting the license is more complex than it needs to?

Well, in our experience, it’s the mixture of all three that is the culprit. However, there is a way that you can obtain payment gateway license in India quite easily. What is that way? Let’s dive in and find out.

Basic requirements of a payment gateway

Before you go ahead and prepare the documents for RBI payment gateway license, make sure that your technology meets the following basic requirements:

  • The payment gateway should be able to create a secure tunnel for transactions
  • The payment gateway should hide crucial payment information of the end users
  • The payment gateway should provide robust encryption protocols to protect end user data.

Basic requirements for payment gateway license in India

Following are the eligibility requirement to obtain Payment gateway license. India has a long way to go when it comes to following all the mentioned mention in these criteria. Therefore, before you file the application, consult with payment gateway consultants about them.

  • The payment gateway should be PCI DSS certified
  • The applicant should be an incorporated business entity
  • The minimum net worth of the applicant should be INR 15 Crore.
  • The applicant should have a business plan capable of increasing that net worth to at least INR 25 Crores after 3 years of operation.

The process of associated with acquiring the payment gateway certification

Following is the standard procedure to get payment gateway certification from RBI in India:

  • Incorporate your company as a private limited company
  • Get your payment gateway certified by the PCI DSS
  • Develop an iron clad business plan capable of increasing your net worth
  • File the online application to obtain payment gateway certificate. Don’t forget about the documents required for payment gateway license.
  • Let RBI receive and assess your application and your technology.
  • If you’ve taken care of all the aspects of payment gateway from security to ease of use, RBI grants you the license.

The above process isn’t easy? How can we make it so?

Making it easy for you to get Payment Gateway Certificate?

In order make all the above process easy, all you need is help; and help is something we can provide you in abundance. Our experts, do the following to make the process of payment gateway certification a lot less cumbersome:

  • We get your payment gateway PCI DSS certified
  • We help you incorporate your company
  • Our professionals are Chartered Accountants, capable of developing a good business plan for you.
  • We file your application and conduct the follow-up necessary to get your application processed on time.


No one aspects you to get the payment gateway certificate on your own. The Reserve bank of India wants you to be thorough with your application. To do that, you need assistance of our experts. Reach out to us if you have any queries about this license, or just straight-up assistance to get it.

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