What are The RNI Registration Charges to Start a Newspaper in India?

RNI Registration Charges

Starting a newspaper requires you to pay the RNI registration charges. It involves applying for, and obtaining the right to publish your news via newspaper in India. In this article, we are going to discuss the different aspects of these charges.

There are other registrations, just as important, if not more, as RNI. They are LMPC Certificate. It lets you import anything in India, and is a required certificate. To know more about them, checkout our section on LMPC Certificate for Import.

It’s not an easy task to register a newspaper in India, and we are not talking about the aspect of the task that entails collecting the news. Before you can even do that, you need authority of the Registrar of newspaper in India in order to get the rights to publish it. And in a world where most “news” is just filled with agenda-driven drivel, the task of starting a paper that provides actual news is not just difficult but necessary.

That necessity drives our focus to provide you RNI registration services. However, like any worthy service there are RNI registration cost that you need to keep in mind. Let’s dive into them and see what are we talking about.

Cost of Deciding Upon the Title of the Newspaper

The RNI online registration fees is a one-time payment. However, that initial government fee is divided among two tasks, one of which is to choose the right title of the newspaper.

Following are the rules to be followed when deciding the newspaper title:

  • The title of the newspaper must be unique
  • The title of the newspaper should not be a mash-up of names of existing newspapers
  • Along with uniqueness, the title of the newspaper should also be meaning ful.

As an aspirant of newspaper publication, deciding the name might not be the task that you make a priority, by the ministry does. Thus, comes another part of newspaper registration fees. It’s the fee that you pay the professionals who help you in following ways to decide your newspaper title.

  • They conduct necessary research to see which types of names are allowed for a newspaper publication.
  • They do the legwork necessary to verify whether the newspaper title you’ve chosen is unique.
  • With the aid of their content specialist, they give meaning to your newspaper title. It will provide focus to your goal of start a newspaper in India.

In addition to deciding the name of the newspaper, these professionals also help you file the initial online application. Afterwards, they assist you take the printout of your application to the necessary authorities.

Cost of Publishing the First Copy of The Newspaper

Once your newspaper’s title is verified and accepted by the Registrar of Newspapers in India, it’s time where another part of RNI registration fees comes into play: publication of the first copy of the newspaper.

Following is the sequence of events that happen after you get the title approved:

  • You’re tasked to make a declaration that you’ve acquired the RNI verification letter
  • The state authority has to authenticate that declaration.
  • You need to publish the newspaper within the schedule set by the RNI. It depends upon whether you plan to publish your newspaper daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly:
    • In case you’re planning to publish your newspaper daily or weekly, RNI gives you 42 days to provide the first copy.
    • In case you’re planning to publish your newspaper on a fortnightly or monthly basis, you get 90 days from the RNI to publish your first copy.
  • Before you publish and send the content to the officer of Registrar, you have to send it to the experts. The consultants will surmise whether or not your content is fit for approval.
  • Once the RNI approves your content, you get the RNI registration number and with it, the right to publish your newspaper in India or the region within it where you want to publish.


If you’re looking for starting a newspaper in India, you must be prepared to pay the price. Not doing so will make all your efforts fruitless. Same method goes for magazine registration, the fees of which is pretty much the same. If you’re willing to pay the newspaper registration price, reach out to experts, for we will surprise you by letting you know how low it is.

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