How to Become One of IP1 License Holders in India

IP1 License Holders

IP1 License Holders in India are too few to count. The reason for that is not many have the power to provide infrastructures that help telecom companies stay relevant. It’s because of these license holders that telecom companies can;

  1. Lay their wires in any region without facing any legal obstacles,
  2. Provide high-quality internet services,
  3. Save their servers from being overheated and,
  4. Provide wireless telecom services.

So, how to become of these IP1 License holders in India? Continue reading and you’ll soon find out. You can import any kind of product if you have LMPC Certificate in your hand.

How to get an IP1 License?

What is an IP1 License? It’s a business permit that allows a company to provide passive telecommunication resources to telecommunication companies. The Department of Telecommunication issues this license to only those who possess the technical and financial stability to handle the upkeep and trade of those telecommunication resources.

To that end, they have made the process of the IP1 License registration process a difficult one. The non-serious elements get filtered out after getting a glimpse of this process and the serious players go ahead and follow it.

  1. Company incorporation: Your first task is to register your business as a business entity under the jurisdiction of MCA or the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  2. File the offline application: Convene a board meeting and pass the resolution to file the online IP-1 license registration application. File the application of the ISP license in India once you’ve passed the resolution.
  3. Assessment of the application: DOT will start scrutinizing your application from page to page once it has received it. During that process, if it find something amiss, you can receive a notification to fix that issue.
  4. Getting the IP1 licenses: After you’ve made the necessary changes and the application is accepted by the DOT, you’ll obtain the IP1 license in India.

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Documents needed to obtain the IP1 License

Following are the documents that you need to attach alongside your Ip1 license application:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. List of directors of the company
  5. List of shareholders of the company
  6. Demand draft of the IP-1 license fee

A not so hidden reality of getting IP-1 License

While it’s fine and dandy to learn about the procedure you’re required to go through to obtain the license, can you truly implement. Department of Telecommunication, like any other authority, is quite nuanced. it might ask you to fulfil the requirements that are not mentioned in any notification – any notification that’s readily available that is. What would you do in that case?

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Our advice is to not take on the process yourself, but to ask a consultant for assistance. There are numerous DOT consultants who specialize in rendering services for IP-1 license. They can help you:

  1. File the application.
  2. Gather the essential documents.
  3. Following up with the Department of Telecommunication to deal with any issues or fulfilling any further requirements.

Simply put, they guide you in the process of obtaining the license by leaving you to do business and taking on the DOT IP1 License process on their shoulders.

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