What Comes After You Obtain EPR Registration Online?

EPR Registration is a mandatory requirement for electronic manufacturers and E-waste products importers alike. It makes it mandatory for both of those entities to not just sell or procure electronic products, but also deal with the electronic wastes that come from them. 

Started in 2012, EPR Certificate has a full form and its Extended Producer Responsibility. To keep it simple, it means that as an electronics manufacturer, you must also take into account the amount of waste that your products generate. And taking the account is not enough, you also have to take measures to recycle them. 

So, what comes after you have paid the EPR certification cost? Are you just allowed to relax and bask in the profits your company makes? Or is your real job about to begin. 

It’s the latter part. Here is what comes after you obtain EPR registration online. 

Your Duties as you hold Extended Producer Responsibility

Getting EPR registration is to hold extended producer responsibility. That responsibility comes with its own set of duties that go beyond just manufacturing quality product for customers. Following is the list of them:

    • Collection and Recycling: What is electronic waste? It’s what your products become once they have ceased becoming useful. Once a laptop stops working, or a desktop starts turning on, or a UPS stops restoring power to the system, they all become about as useful as a paperweight. To put that it more technical term, they become electronic wastes. When these “E wastes” are disposed in the wrong manner, say burnt or buried, it can prove disastrous for the environment. Therefore, one of the EPR certificate requirements that you need to fulfil is to give a place where these electronic wastes can be recycled and collected. 
    • Consult with a PRO: PRO doesn’t stand for pros; it stands for Producer’s Responsibility Organization. If you’re a small-scale electronics producer, you can’t manage recycling and collection process yourself. The Central Pollution Control Board therefore offers you a way to fulfil your Extended Producer Responsibilities by getting outside help, which comes in the form of Producer’s Responsibility Organizations. They are the team of authorized experts with the same EPR registration as you, who have must provide you assistance in matters of recycling and collection of E-waste. 
    • Submission of sales data: As basically all that you sell will eventually degrade into electronic waste, the CPCB needs to know about how much product you’ve sold. Near the end of every financial year, you must submit all your importing or sales data as per the requirement of CPCB. After one year, again you’re required to provide such data, but on a quarterly basis. 
    • Conducting seminars: One of the things that CPCB expect from you as you go through EPR registration process is your penchant for awareness. The organization doesn’t only want you to acquire the license because you need to, it expects you to desire for it. By extension, it wants you to care for the environment as much as the organization. Therefore, after acquiring EPR registration, you must conduct 2 seminars of E waste management every year. The details of those seminars must be later forwarded to the CPCB. 

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EPR certificate is not just a window dressing that you have to do in order to start your electronics business, it’s a call to except your responsibility towards the environment. If you’re ready to heed the call, or require to start your own electronics factory, reach out to our consultants. We will assist you with pre and post EPR registration services.

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