How to Choose Best Web Hosting Sri Lanka For Small Businesses?

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Sri Lanka web hosting businesses took a turn after learning about people’s businesses and the requirements of the targeted audience.

For the best web hosting, leave it on the best web hosting firms in Sri Lanka because they will create a tailored solution for your business based on all the information and your needs.

Furthermore, the web hosting companies are in charge of all servers and server-side infrastructure.

Have you decided to choose the Best web hosting Sri Lanka yet? If not, then any of the top web hosting providers listed here could be a good fit for your requirements.

What Is Web Hosting?

When a web hosting firm provides space on a web server for a website’s files to be stored, the website is said to be hosted on the web.

The files that make up a website are available online through web hosting.

The type of hosting determines how much space is allocated to a website on a server.

The companies, which provide Web Hosting Services, specialize in getting the website live, managing the storage, and serving web pages on the internet.

Customers can pick their choice of web hosting from various hosting packages the Company offers.

Ultimate Guide To Choose Best Web Hosting Srilanka

What’s in the package for you? It’s a compulsion to know before buying anything! And when it comes to the best web hosting in Sri Lanka, one should consider having these features in the plans-

Registration And Maintenance Costs

The cost of website maintenance is something that many website owners overlook.

Creating a website costs money, but keeping it up and running costs money as well.

To keep websites running properly, you must put in some effort and make some infrequent expenditures.

Go through the regular website maintenance costs, how much it costs to maintain different types of websites, what factors play a role, and a typical breakdown for a small business website to make your business a success with the Web Hosting in Sri Lanka.

Availability of Site Backups

Owners of data and systems should determine the frequency of backups as well as what should be backed up.

In most cases, data administrators should regularly back up everything in the IT environment before any case of data loss comes up.

Backup costs should also be considered because backups have a huge impact on the system and the company’s performance.

Storage and Space

Depending on your needs, web hosting services can provide various degrees of storage.

A company with merely a landing page has very different storage requirements than one with hundreds of information pages (a full-fledged website).

Making the best storage space solution will, once again, be determined by your business demands and requirements.

Customer Service

While all technical aspects of picking a web host service provider are crucial, customer support and the depth of relationship your company can develop with that provider are frequently the most critical components.

The ability to form a positive working relationship with your web hosting service provider’s customer support department will frequently determine the service you’re opting for.

For a better running and smooth growth of your website, your clients should not face problems when browsing through the site. And any obstacle can be solved by customer support, so their availability should be a top-tier requirement.

Ability To Add Domains

When you’ve decided on a domain name, your web hosting provider should offer to register it for you.

Many services will offer to do this for free or at a modest cost but check the fine print carefully because this may only be for a specific period.

Domain names must be renewed every year, and the renewal charges are generally double the registration price.

Ensure you know who is responsible for filing the renewal paperwork and how much it costs each year to renew a domain.

Account Limitations

These things are labelled as “unlimited” to provide a great working environment for a typical website builder.

Because some hosting accounts are designed for personal and small business use, there are some restrictions in place to keep the cost of the service low.

The normal user will not have any issues with the web server’s resources, but a customer with a lot of traffic or consumption may not be a good fit for a web hosting account.

Free SSL Certificates

To keep your information safe and private, some security layers are important to be present for your website.

Many Best Web Hosting Providers in Sri Lanka offer Free SSL Certificates with their plans to keep each piece of information from both ends (website server and website browser) safe and sound.

Best Web Hosting Providers in SriLanka

Here is an analyzed list of Cheap and Best Web Hosting Companies in Sri Lanka-

Sri Lanka Hosting

SriLanka Hosting is one of the most prominent web hosting services providers in Sri Lanka.

This is one of the fastest-growing Sri Lankan hosts since its inception in 2015. With over 5 years of expertise in the web hosting market, they provide their clients with unrivalled service, security, and support.

Key Features of SriLanka Hosting

  • 24*7 Support from an Expert
  • SMS Notification
  • 95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Let’s discuss their cheap shared web hosting plans in brief with features like Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Website Migration, Daily Backups, and a lot more –

  • S-BIS 512 MB: LKR 875.58/month
  • S-BIS 1GB: LKR 1316.14/month
  • S-BIS 2GB: LKR 3513.45/month
  • S-BIS 3GB: LKR 4550.75/month

Each plan depends on your requirements, needs, and level of performance you want. So choose accordingly, and visit their website for detailed information of their plans.


LankaHost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a privately held Internet Service Company formed in 2006.

For Sri Lankans, they offer a dependable and low-cost web hosting and domain registration service. Having been serving more than 10,000 customers, they excel at being one of the best web hosting providers in Sri Lanka.

Key Features of LankaHost are

  • Reliability
  • High Performance
  • Safety and Security
  • Loaded cPanel packages

Let’s discuss their affordable web hosting plans with features like 100 GB Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, 2 hosted domains, and a lot more –

  • SMBIZ 1 GB: LKR 697.10/month
  • SMBIZ 2 GB: LKR 1115.37/month
  • SMBIZ 4 GB: LKR 1533.64/month

As discussed, each plan depends on your requirements, needs, and level of performance you want. Look into their website for further information.


YouStable is one of the most popular web hosting providers in Sri Lanka that has been operating independently since 2015, with over 70,000 clients choosing to be a part of it.

Since its establishment, the company has achieved success and acclaimed itself at a level!

They provide the best services, prioritizing customers and their needs.

Key Features of YouStable are

  • Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%
  • Award-Winning Security
  • Super Priority Support
  • Daily Backup

Let’s discuss their affordable web hosting plans in short, with features like Free Domain, Control Panel Demo, Free SSL Certificate, 99.9% uptime, and a lot more-

  • DAStart: LKR 239.28/month
  • DAProfessional: LKR 357.58/month
  • DAElite: LKR 357.58/month

As discussed, these cheap web hosting plans in Sri Lanka depend on your requirements, needs, and level of performance you want.

Want to know more about their plans? Visit their website.

The management team at has over 13 years of expertise delivering high-quality, low-cost website hosting.

They offer excellent server hardware, the most stable network providers, and the most current software applications available on the internet for your hosting account.

They are providing complete solutions and satisfaction with a personal connection.

Key Features of Register. lk are

  • Lightning-fast websites
  • Free cPanel
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy 1-click installer
  • Enhanced Security

Let’s discuss their affordable web hosting plans in short, with features like Unlimited Web Hosting and SSD Space, Free SSL Certificate, 99.9% uptime, and a lot more-

  • Hosting 1+: LKR 1661.52/month
  • Hosting 3+: LKR 2778.53/month
  • Hosting ++:LKR 3462.67/month

As discussed, this is one of the last but not the least, best web hosting companies with cheap web hosting plans in Sri Lanka. So choose according to your needs.


Since PeekHosting’s establishment in Sri Lanka in 2013, they have provided superior Web Hosting and Domains to both local and international clients.

Providing excellent customer service and support, they have been marked as a top Web Hosting Company in Sri Lanka.

They serve our customers with services that are reasonable and dependable.

Key Features of PeekHosting are

  • Fast load time
  • Lifetime FREE SSL
  • FREE Backup Server
  • Great Support
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • .LK Domain Names

Let’s discuss their affordable web hosting plans, with features like Free Backup Server, Unlimited Subdomains, Free SSL Certificate, WordPress supported, and a lot more-

  • Starter Package: LKR 256.22/month
  • Premium Package: LKR 384.32/month
  • Extended Package: LKR 596.98/month
  • Advanced Package: LKR 768.65/month

As discussed, these are the best web hosting plans in PeekHosting, Sri Lanka. Visit their website for detailed information on their plans.

Final Words

Most Web Hosting Providers in Sri Lanka lay down their best self to provide excellent quality services to their clients.

We have discussed such companies in this article for you. The full review will help you pick the best provider in Sri Lanka according to your requirements.

We recommend you to follow our Ultimate Guide and look for such features in your web hosting provider!

We hope you had a good and valuable time usage while reading. Feel free to ask any questions that you have for us!

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