How to Find and Hire Remote Developer for Your Project in 2022

Hire Remote Developer

What are the Advantages of Remote Software Developers?

Select from Top Talent: When hiring a remote software developer, don’t just limit yourself to local candidates, but you choose from the most qualified engineers in the world.

Flexible team: By outsourcing developers, you can create flexible teams according to your needs. To achieve this, you can expand your team and hire software engineers on contract for a short period of time. In this way, you can avoid the lengthy process of hiring and hiring employees as if you were working on an internal team.

Less onboarding time: The process of hiring an outsourced technology team is faster than hiring in-house staff. In addition, growing your outsourcing team based on your needs can help you get the job done and bring your products to market faster.

Optimal costs: With access to the global IT market, it is easier to find outsourced developers with the same skills at a lower price.

Remote Software Developers

The demand for tech professionals is increasing every day. It is very hard to get the employers hand on technically skilled programmers. One reason for this perhaps the quality of work wanted by customers, unavailability of certain talents, or maybe a smaller number of top talents according to requirement.

We can also consider another fact that there is new technology invented by professionals and companies on every other day. Because of which software developers are unable to match the pace of the shifting of technologies.

Shortages of some of the most significant skills are listed below.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analysis
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning

As the required roles become more technical, it will be difficult for HR managers and recruiters to identify talented software developers as a result of the job description. Also, in a time of high demand for tech talent, it becomes harder to attract candidates and push software engineers to accept your offer.

To make the process easier and find a software developer that meets your needs, you should prepare a list of your needs along with information about the various advantages and disadvantages of the software.

An interesting trend to note is that 57% of companies in the information technology industry engage in some form of telework in the United States. Perhaps, this is a way for companies to offer talented software developers even better terms. High salaries and an incredible office environment are no longer enough to attract the best to the domestic market.

Why is Remote Hiring Rising?

Remote product development provides companies, no matter whatever the size is, with extraordinary value and helps them gain a competitive advantage in the market. Remote product development is a current and ongoing reality, and we all need to embrace it.

Following are few of the reasons why many companies are inclining towards remote hiring:

  • Constant Development: Remote teams typically work 24 hours a day and belong to different time zones. Also, due to unwanted breaks and a lively work culture, remote development is associated with much less distraction. Remote development enables professional continuous product development.
  • Flexible Working Hours: All these remote developers follow a specific work schedule to achieve the highest levels of productivity and quality. This ominous quality has proven to be beneficial to both enterprises and remote developers.
  • Easy Access to The Global Workforce: This can be seen as the greatest benefit of hiring a remote developer, if you are planning to hire a remote developer to develop a remote product with skilled and talented minds around the world.

Where to find Remote Software Developers

As this skills shortage and staffing challenge escalate, software and product development companies are facing the need to find remote workers in offshore and nearshore destinations. and consider other recruitment options. Before choosing the remote software engineer option, you should know more about the best countries to outsource tech talent and the percentage of software developers in 2021.

Try to learn as much as you can about the IT market and then choose the best hiring model for your project:

Option 1. Traditional Outsourcing

One of the most important options most hiring managers think about is the traditional outsourcing model.

Many software development companies outsource talents and have partners and sales offices all over the world. Most outsourcing software development agencies can provide developers with a dedicated project manager for their team, both back-end and front-end.

Option 2. Sourcing high-quality freelancers

Besides outsourcing, the next most obvious choice for finding software developers is to look for freelance networks like UpWork, TopTal, and more. There are many freelancers for hire.

However, anyone who has hired a freelancer will find that there are many risks and disadvantages associated with it:

  • Freelancers never work on a single project. They sign up for multiple projects at once.
  • Trying to form a remote team using freelancers is a bad idea.
  • If communication skills become a barrier with the freelancer that is not going to help you.
  • You might lose the quality of the project
  • The delivery of the project might not be on time

If we add all these risks together, we get a high and sometimes unacceptable level of risk.

Option 3. Remote contracting sites

Over the past few years, the number of job boards where developers can apply to work remotely has increased dramatically.

These sites often provide:

  • Access to the resume of a developer who wants to work remotely
  • Offer thoroughly vetted teams of software engineers ensuring that only top performers are on the list. This is one of the proven ways by which the quality risks are reduced substantially.
  • It allows clients to find a software developer based on their requirement of soft skills, and knowledge of programming languages and experience.

Example of such a remote contracting site is mentioned below: 

  • Optymize is an elite community of remote developers. They focus on scaling product teams overnight with the right engineers. They have clients that also include Fortune 500 companies. Optymize provide solutions for most of the software development process, right from hiring the top-skilled engineers to onboarding them within 48 hours.


The choice between a freelancer and a remote developer depends on several factors. Before deciding to hire, consider how often and for how long you will use the services of the professional you are looking for, and what goals you want to achieve.

Running a remote team can be a daunting task, but the benefits it brings to entrepreneurs are immeasurable.

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