Integration of PIM and DAM: A One Step Closer Towards Global Scalability for Retail

PIM DAM integration

A small retailer tends to be a big retailer with growth opportunities, and a big retailer tends to be an even bigger retailer with expansion. No matter if you are a small or big firm, scalability is essential for everyone, as it gives you a lead in the race of competition.

Scalability is an adaption of the system’s working capability with increased workload and demand from the market. Global Scalability is coping up with global market demand whilst optimizing resources. The utilization of resources is not sufficient, and for that, you need powerful tools like PIM system and DAM Solution.

Let me give you a brief about PIM and DAM systems before we understand their impact on the Global scalability of your retail business.

A Brief On PIM System

Product Information Management – PIM system has descriptive product information of all products stored in a centralized platform. PIM is a tool that manages accurate, consistent, and reliable data of products on a single-shred-central platform. PIM is a must needed for the management, edition, modification, and storage of any product information.

Some genuine benefits of PIM are; Product catalogs, cost-saving options, boost up time-efficiency and provide better product management of product information. For having sufficient product information and strong security of information, on your hand, PIM is a must needed.

PIM is very helpful for launching a new product, for modifying existing products, and for comparing two products at once. Thus, PIM is a system of record of product information.

A Brief On The DAM System

Digital Asset Management (DAM), a perfect tool for the Management of Digital Assets, such as audio files, video clips, images, logos, and presentations is more crucial than managing data of product information. DAM ensures that your crucial problem has a serene solution.

DAM manages, stores, shares, and makes assets easily available to users. With the advanced technological features of DAM, DAM lets you search stored digital assets from the system quickly. DAM gives access, flexibility, and control to concerned members of the inter-outer organizations.

Thus, in simpler terms, DAM is a system that makes searches, storing, managing, creating, distributing, and identification of digital assets in a transforming manner that digital assets are indeed termed as assets.

Difference Between PIM and DAM

Well, if you search for a good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system online, your search results will be ended by showing the Product Information System (PIM). That doesn’t mean that both DAM and PIM are the same. However, the PIM system inherits all DAM functionalities which are essential to run a successful eCommerce business.

The Upcoming table will illustrate the complete difference between the PIM and DAM systems.





Manages Product information and product life cycle.

Manages Digital assets and makes searching easy as possible.


When you have a great deal of data, multiple resources, and are facing troubles in keeping up with the market on time.

A Large quantity of visual assets and when facing troubles in sharing digital assets to external parties.

Specialty Function

Delete -unstructured, unnecessary, and unused product information and provides structured-reliable information.

Enables users to have access to digital assets in real-time without jumbling on various platforms for finding assets.

Useful for

Product delivery info, POS, sales data, and SKU.

Effective workflow, editing, Metadata, sharing assets, and marketing.

Nature of Data

PIM provides competitive, self-service data, recognition data, and basic data of a product.

DAM provides Advanced digital assets data and standard digital assets data.


Provides a single place of enriched data by creating product catalogs to help distributors for selling products.

Provides a single place of enriched digital assets, makes searching for assets so fast that they come in handy whenever you need it.


Boosts up productivity, creates and distributes product information.

Streamline workflow by boosting up efficiency.

Why Do You Need PIM & DAM for Your Business?

The need for PIM and DAM for the growth of your business is inevitable. Particularly, they play a significant role in streamlining your online interactions. Though both PIM and DAM are different still they share certain similarities and are meant to serve differently.

The below points will help you understand the importance of PIM and DAM systems.

Why Need PIM?

When you plan to make your retail business reach a global audience, then you must have enough resources on your side to cope up with the global market. When you try to cope up with the global market, you will have a bundle of product information that is hard to manage without the back-support of a robust system.

You need PIM so that it can organize the product information, can give you consistent-reliable data, can control the unnecessary data, and enable you to fully utilize the product information for taking an important decision.

Why Need DAM?

In a global market, a delay is a deal-breaker. While coping up with the global market, you will need a large volume of digital assets. Why waste months in re-creating the digital assets, when you can easily search them from DAM? DAM speeds up the process of finding digital assets in a stored-single-secured platform.

DAM logically organized digital assets so that you can share, re-use, and preview them real quick with no barrier. DAM collects immense data of extensive files with top security so that you will never lose a single file/data from your DAM system.

How Do PIM and DAM Work Together For Your Business Growth?

Until now, we have known the benefits and importance of PIM and DAM individually, but now we are going to comprehend how the integration of PIM-DAM is one step closer to global scalability. Integration of PIM-DAM is also of great significance for the growth of your business.

1. Optimize Resources

Having a bunch of product information and high-quality latest product images is merely not sufficient for the global market if you can’t optimize them. DAM and PIM enable you to optimize your resources, they make sure that resources are available to you when you compete with another retailer on the global market.

Optimization of resources in simpler terms is the ability to use resources such as information and digital assets related to the product to the largest extent. If information or assets are lying on different platforms without any organization or management without PIM-DAM, you will not be able to optimize those contents.

2. Efficient Time-toMarket

Time-to-market is the process of products being available in the market from the initial stage of product development. With PIM and DAM systems, you can always know the development stage of a product. When global demand increases for your product, you must create them in accordance with demand.

For creating a large quantity of demanded products, the delay in development will cost you- reduction in Time-to-market. With DAM-PIM, you will never be behind and enriched data will boost up the efficiency of production so your retail business will have a better time-to-market.

3. Be Advanced Than Competitors

Implementing DAM-PIM will make you more advanced than your competitors are. With these two systems, you can keep track of what your customers are into, what will be their demands in near future, how they make their purchase decisions and the barriers in their purchase process.

When you know the thought process of your customers, you can get the benefit of it. Resolve the problems of customers without them asking. Customers are key to conquer over competitors. Information on customer insights will work in your favor with the help of PIM-DAM systems.

4. Develop Brand Consistency

Having a consistent brand image is tougher than creating a positive brand image. Consistency is the key. Brand image is measured from delivery of quality content, higher revenue, and ability to adapt to changes in accordance with global market changes.

DAM and PIM both systems provide high-quality content as they store the content securely in the central platform. The readily available content will help you in adapting to changes in the market. Overall, it will sustain your brand image of delivering information and product to global customers when they demand it.

5. Better Organization and Management

The most important benefit of DAM-PIM is its ability to manage/organize content. The collaboration of these two systems will make unstructured data into structure information, will delete duplicate-unnecessary data, will save the right product information on a particular product image, and many more.

The management of data is very important in global scalability. You don’t want to jumble on different platforms for searching over information and ending up with different product information for a unique product. Plus, you don’t want to put the effort into searching content and ending up with duplicate content that you have already gone through.

6. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever imagined a situation where thousands of customers are demanding different products at once and you are the only listener of their demand? If ever happens, there is no need to panic when you have back-support of DAM-PIM.

These two systems can store customer feedback. From positive feedback from customers, you can continue to work on the way you did and from negative feedback, you have chances of improvement. When customers’ feedback is taken into consideration, they will naturally be satisfied with your retail business.

7. Boost up Revenues

For any retailers, the ultimate goal is to generate more and more revenues for their business. Global Scalability will boost up revenues only if you have revenue-generating tools. Integration of PIM and DAM will provide you a platform for generating higher revenues.

Together they cut the cost of storage of information on various platforms, make a minimal product return, identify inappropriate information of product, and share the right content of the product to distributors by using multi-distribution channels.

8. Flawless Work-culture

A work culture can have many barriers that will slow down productivity. Lack of the right information will create; fear of unknown demand from customers, panic-situation under pressure, and will draw you back from your competitors.

Thanks to DAM-PIM that they create a flawless work culture that does not have any barriers to slowing it down. With the right information, you can hit the bull’s eye on the first attempt. A positive work-culture is very important for global scalability; you don’t want any factors that negatively affect your business.

9. Authenticity of Information

Both systems provide authentic information. The integration of PIM-DAM will let you have authentic information in your hand. When the next time, the market suddenly drifts and your customers ask for the un-predicted product, you can easily rely on the stored information through those two systems.

Having consistent-reliable product information and digital assets is crucial under a trending global environment. The trend of global technology can change anytime, and customers may demand products that are not readily available, but you can rely on authentic data to produce innovative products.

10. Higher Security With Employee Engagement

 PIM-DAM not only provides authentic data but also provides data with security. Your customers/dealers/employees have access to every information yet with security. PIM-DAM ensures confidential data stays within an organization and third-party users only have access to relevant information.

Employees have access to all information that they are going to need so that they will feel more empowered, and their engagement in the working culture will increase. These will eventually end up in your favor and you will have more productivity from employees.


Thus, integration of PIM & DAM is indeed one step closer to global scalability. With the help of PIM-DAM, you can easily cope up with changing trends of the global market. Coping up is not the only thing, but integrating those two systems will help your business grow completely uniquely.

The growth with upcoming opportunities and more revenues is only workable with integrating PIM and DAM.

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