How To Style Your Hair Without A Hair Dryer

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How To Style Your Hair Without A Hair Dryer? Nothing soothes the eyes more than the beautiful hair that just got blown out. Whether you are keeping those locks straight or carrying sexy curls, the look of a blowout seems to beat everything. Unfortunately, blow-drying your hair now and then can damage your locks in no time. The good news is that you can permanently ditch your favorite styling equipment and still achieve the choicest look and this gets possible by the use of a supersmelly hair styling gel for men & women. You can also use other heat-free hair styling products and enjoy chic styles this summer season!

Discover The Steps to Style Your Hair Without a Hair dryer:

1: Wash Your Hair

Prepping your hair is a must before using heat-free hair styling products such as flaxseed hair gel, creams, and mousses. This is achieved by washing your hair rightly. Try to use a volumizing shampoo to have a bouncy base. Wash your hair and then apply a volume conditioner to have plenty of locks to work with.  You can also apply use super smelly flaxseed hair gel instead of a regular conditioner and let it stay on your hair until the next shampooing session.

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If you have got extremely thin hair, we recommend washing your locks with a thickening shampoo. For that just-blown-out appearance, you can use super smelly flaxseed hair gel or thickening conditioner.

2: Add Volume To Your Hair

Adding some volume to your hair is crucial to give your locks an additional lift that you will otherwise get with a hairdryer. Volumizing mousses have thickening agents that give a bouncy look to your hair that lasts all day. Towel-dry your hair and then use a volume injecting mousse on damp hair. Take a large dollop of the volumizing mousse on your palms and rub the palms gently together. Apply the mousse to your roots and then move toward the ends. Run your fingers or use a comb for even distribution of the product.

Curly head divas can use super smelly flaxseed hair gel rather than a mousse. To apply the flaxseed hair gel, split your locks into sections and then apply the gel to every section, working from the top of the head to the ends. Flip the head down and then scrunch your curls up to encourage natural curl. It’s better to use your hands instead of a wide-toothed comb while applying the flaxseed hair gel.

3: Give Your Hair Strong Hold

Applying a super smelly hair styling gel for men & women is crucial to give your hair a stronger hold. You will also need to use the hair styling gel for men & women for specific hairstyles such as spikes, slicked-back hair, and so forth.

To use the supersmelly hair styling gel for men & women, take a subtle amount of the product according to your hair length and apply it to the fingertips. Rub the gel between the hands and then coat your hairline first and eventually move to the back of the neck.  For curly head, we recommend using a flaxseed hair gel.

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4: Style Your Hair

Once you have applied the right hair styling gel for men & women, it’s time to stylize your hair. If you crave a messy look, move your locks in random directions with the help of your fingers. Keep your hair open or twist them up into a messy bun while leaving a few strands out to get the lazy girl knot.

For tousled texture, let your hair dry naturally after applying the supersmelly hair styling gel for men & women. As the locks are drying, twist them section by section or crumple them up. If you have fringes, apply the gel and move it through the fringes while they are damp.

Guys who desire spiky hair should apply the styling gel on the damp strands and then pull them upwards.

If you have got curls, apply the flaxseed gel or your choicest hair styling gel for men & women on damp hair. Let your curls dry and then try making a braid or top bun.

5: Boost Up The Volume

After styling your hair, give your hairstyle the final boost with the help of a hair spray. Opt for a volumizing spray and then spray it on the hair, covering the entire crown. If you are keeping hair open, backcomb the locks with a fine-tooth comb section by section. Smooth out the fly-aways in the end.

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