What is TEC Certificate Number and How to Get it?

TEC Certificate Number

It’s always risky to import telecom products in India. Not only they have to power to pose a threat to the national security, but the bad products among them have the power to damage other products that are connected to them. That’s why, before telecom equipments can be imported, their importers have to get the TEC certificate number.

What is TEC certificate number? It’s a number mentioned on the TEC certificate, which is a document an importer gets once the product he intends to import is tested by the Telecommunication Engineering Center.

In this article, we are going to dive into the topic of what is the importance of TEC certificate number and how you can get it.

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For a long time, India has relied on countries like China for telecom equipments. And why won’t it happen? The imported “Chinese maal” has helped people of all types of household incomes have a smart phone in their pockets. However, that wouldn’t have happened if the smart phones failed to adhere to the requirements TEC certificate procedure. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre wants to make sure that whatever telecom product is imported in India is:

  1. Of the right quality,
  2. Not harmful to the security of the nation,
  3. not damaging to the electronic products that it gets connected to,
  4. Adhering the radio frequency rules established by TEC.

Once the TEC discerns that the above needs are met, it issues the TEC certification.

So what are the TEC certification uses? Well, what use would you have beyond the ability to import telecom equipment from foreign countries?

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Let’s now dive into the TEC certification procedure.

How to Get TEC Certificate Number?

The TEC certification procedure to obtain the TEC certificate number are as follows;

  1. The first part of TEC certificate procedure is to acquire a profile on the TEC registration portal.
  2. File the online application before downloading it.
  3. After downloading the filled application form, take it’s printout. Attach it to the documents needed and the telecom equipment and mail it to the TEC head office.
  4. The telecommunication engineering centre will initiate processing the application and the telecom equipment.
  5. If the telecom equipment to all the criteria set by TEC, you’ll obtain TEC certificate, validity of which is 5 years.

Things to Remember While Searching for TEC Certificate Number

Keep the following points in mind when looking for TEC certification:

  1. There are no freebies: There are many service providers that lure you in a false sense of affordability by marketing TEC certificate registration for free. That isn’t the case. The professional fee aside, there is a definite processing fee to get the license that you NEED to pay.
  2. Always look for experts that actually know about the process. The only fact that we haven’t mentioned in this article are the document; you can find information about them anywhere. But if the consultant isn’t aware of them, look for another.

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