How Unity Distribution Portal helps Developers Launch Android games on Alternative App Stores

Unity Distribution Portal UDP

Whenever we think about putting an app online, the first thought which strikes us is to publish it on google play store because it is the largest market for Android apps. However, there are certain other platforms as well where you can publish your apps. The intention is to reach as many users as possible. There are people who either don’t know about those platforms or they think that it will be difficult to sign up, submit and use builds by these stores. These platforms are often referred to as third party app stores but publishing anywhere can be a herculean task except if you know about Unity Distribution Portal.

UDP makes it easy for Android game app Development Company to publish your games on alternate stores. But why to use an alternative platform in the first place?

  • Because it is the future, by 2023 over billion gamers will shift to other platforms.
  • Because the alternate platforms are growing faster.
  • And because UDP has reached over 1 billion players that are linked to these alternate platforms.

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Unity game app Development Company minimizes the labour and efforts you have to make to reach new and prospective markets. You can reach indefinite players or users with alternative app stores. It is feasible to use UDP because it is available globally.

What does Unity Distribution Portal Do Exactly?

The answer is simple it creates a single build and single metadata profile, wherein your apps get published with ease.Whenever you give out your developed games to UDP, it creates builds with software development kits to publish those games. Thus, saving effort and time of any android app Development Company publishing on varied stores. UDP has even created dashboards wherein even a single person can reach out to a wider audience with his games.

The steps you have to take to use Unity Distribution Portal are simple:

  • Create a developers account in every store you want to sell your game
  • Enter screenshots of your game and descriptions.
  • Add your game binary

After completing all these steps UDP will create a store specific build for each store. Moreover, it is free to use. It is important to understand that every specific market has its very own legal requirements, currency, and audience and while developing an app everything should sync with these formalities. UDP solves all these problems for you.

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What is the intention of UDP

  • To raise local markets to the level of international market.
  • To ease the trouble faced by new game developers.

UDP works with varied app stores such as

  • Samsung Galaxy Store wherein it is preloaded.
  • Huawai AppGallery where it is preinstalled on smartphones.
  • Mi GetApps, here also they are preinstalled on Xiaomi.
  • ONE Store.
  • QooApp Game Store
  • TPAY Mobile
  • Uptodown

UDP provides a dashboard which lets you save all your submissions in one place and keep a track of sales. There are benefits of using UDP such as

  • It assists in hassle free publication.
  • Saves time of your Live Ops team.
  • Boosts the purchase of your game profoundly.
  • Provides less crowded platforms to games.
  • Provides easy to navigate platforms.
  • Provides more visibility.

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