Key Focus Areas of E-commerce Web Development to Consider in 2021

E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce web development is a complex job and there are multiple areas to consider, from design to usability as well as performance. A website having the perfect combination of creativity and technical expertise can take your business to new heights. E-commerce stores help to do all the shopping from the comfort of their homes and becoming a popular business model.

Since there are multiple websites present for users, if you are investing in E-commerce web development, you need to pay attention to the minute details and learn how to optimize better than your competitors. To achieve your goal, we created this blog post. Here, we will discuss some of the important things to know about E-commerce development, and how to make bigger profits.

1. Make Right Design Selection

When creating an E-commerce website, focus on the design strategy with the right theme selection. There is a big difference between the standard websites offering mostly blogs, articles, and images to explore, and a website where products are being sold.

For an e-commerce design strategy, you need to make sure you select the right theme, template, and you are going to offer streamlined navigation to learn everything about products with a simple click or two. Make sure relevant product description is added, and that you allow them smooth access to the information regarding your business.

2. Product Catalogue

Product catalogs are crucial for customer engagement, and unless you have the necessary data readily available, it’s a challenging job. Depending on the complexity of your product range and the amount of information to gather, a dedicated resource is perfect to ensure as much data as possible is documented for every product. Information to focus on:

  • Material
  • Colors
  • The product name should be unique and meaningful
  • Product description will help the customer and benefit SEO
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Special characteristics

The focus should also be given to the structure of the product category. Group common products and further into sub-categories. The whole objective is to make the customer journey simple to find what they are looking for and try a competitor.

Another focus area of the product catalog is cross-referencing. A simple approach for doing this is the creation of a ‘Customers also bought’ section to improve higher value orders. Without paying attention to the product data, the process can delay the website development.

3. Focus on the SEO Marketing

If you want to build a website having selling capabilities, and if you want to engage quality customers with both paid and organic reach focus on SEO marketing. When content is optimized, you get noticed by potential customers looking for the things you have to offer. According to SEO experts, implementation of SEO techniques will not only help E-commerce implementation appear on the first page on Google as well as costs on pay per click ads is reduced ultimately growing calls and sales.


Apart from SEO, you need to work on SEM online advertisements, and never forget about the social media integration. Be proactive, build social profiles on multiple platforms, pay attention to email marketing and you will find that your profits are increasing rapidly.

4. Online Payment Security

When an E-commerce website is launched, you need to ensure the payment method is secure with the right shipping and delivery services. No matter what product you sell, and what services you offer, you need to make sure clients get the right product they ordered, and they can securely pay for it.

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If you lack a proper security system integrated into the website, then you should let them pay on delivery. This is not a good selling technique, but it is better than risking someone hacking your e-commerce website. If possible, offer them multiple payment options, and verify security is at the top level. These days, it is provided by the hosting company, but you can also integrate additional measures to uplift the payment system security.

5. High-Resolution Images

Now let’s discuss another important part of the E-commerce web development process – the product images you integrate. The best thing to make a successful integration is to take 360-degree photographs of every product that you have in your catalog.  But if this approach is not your cup of tea, you can use stock photos or reach out to other sellers to use their images.

People prefer visualization, so the more you invest in offering quality pictures of products, the more likely are people to buy your items. Focus on the images you attach to the overall content, ads, and every other section of your e-commerce website.

6. Shipping & Delivery

The last thing which e-commerce web development company focus on is shipping and delivery strategies. Some websites collaborate with bigger services to smoothly ship throughout the country and even the complete world. See if that is something, you’d be interested in.

If looking to keep your business local, then this approach is easy for you. You can do the deliveries by yourself, or simply collaborate with an experienced shipping service provider that will deliver everything on time. Select the best option as per your products, customer geography, and shipping details.

Wrapping Up

Keep these key things in mind when setting up your e-commerce website. Every project is different and has a unique way of engaging the target audience. You can reach out to a professional that can help you throughout the complete development process, and you should always ask for help if you are unaware to perform things on your own. Do some research, check what your competitors are doing, and use that knowledge to make the store better for customer engagement.

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