No Man’s Sky Companions Update Full Details

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Companions

No man’s sky is an exploring survival game. It’s a game where the main concept is exploring the universe and the planets. There are over 18 quintillion planets, where each of them has a unique ecosystem with unique life forms. To advance in this game normally you have to mine resources, upgrade your equipment, and by selling and buying your resources.

On February 17, 2021, No man’s sky came with a new 3.2 companions update. It introduces its player to some new exciting features and improvements. In this new update, you will be able to tame any creatures that you have seen and see around you in the game. But you can’t tame the flying ones. You can use those creatures to ride, mine, play and have them protect you from hostile aliens. You can make some unique never seen before creatures by modifying their genes.

What Can They Do?

You can summon your tamed creatures anywhere even on the space anomaly. The tamed creatures can be used to ride and explore the planets.

You can customize your companions with accessories. There are 19 types of accessories where some are functional and some are only for decoration. By knowing how to have atlas pass v3 will make your gameplay smooth. You get only two slots to put your accessories, one on the right and the other on the left side of the creature. But for some creatures, it’s only one and that is on the chest.

The tamed creatures can assist you in your exploration by providing you light, hunting creatures, scanning resources. You can mount mining lasers on their shoulders to mine resources for you.

You can play with your companions. They will do whatever you do and you can use different kinds of gestures to order them to do specific things.

Your companions will act differently in front of other creatures or companions. They might be aggressive or friendly depending on their personality.

By personality, each creature has a distinct personality in this game. The personalities are shaped by the ecosystem and the species they belong to.

Your companions can express their thoughts too and you can understand them. Your Exosuit has a translator that can translate your companion’s thoughts, comments on things they encounter.

You can name your pets too.

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How to Tame One?

To tame a creature you need creature pellets which require carbon to craft. Creature pellet is the basic creature bait there are advanced ones too but creature plate works fine. After crafting a creature pellet you need to find a planet with creatures or where your desired creature is and go there. All you need to do is throw the creature pellets in front of the creature and they will eat it or you can get close to them and feed them. It is one of the ways to get a companion.

The other way is by hatching an egg. If you play with your companion, take good care of them, and feed them then they will lay eggs. Put the egg in your Exosuit inventory to Incubate it. The egg will take 24 hours to hatch. The newborn creature will have the look and characteristics of its parents but will have its own personality.  Baby creatures require more care than adult ones and they will grow over time and soon they will also be able to lay eggs.

Another way to get an egg is by trading eggs with other players. If you want a creature that you can’t find but you saw another player have the creature then you can trade an egg to get your desired pet.

You can make your own unique creature by modifying its genetics. On the space Anomaly, there is a device called Egg Sequencer that is used to modify eggs. In the egg sequencer you put the egg you want to edit and then you can edit color, aggression, height, weight, and anatomy. You also mix some genetic material after that, when the egg will hatch you will get a unique creature.

Now, you can have up to 6 pets with you. But 2 pet slots will be available at first to unlock the other 4 slots you have to buy those slots using nanites. The first one cost 500 nanites, the 2nd one 1000 nanites, and the 3rd and 4th one cost 5,000 and 10,000 nanites.

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