Different Types of SEO – Complete Seo Guide 2021


ON-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

The SEO strategy can be divided into two categories:- On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Both are important for running an SEO campaign but they both are different from each other.

The two main components which search engines look at when evaluating your website compare to the other websites on the internet: –

  1. On-Page SEO– see what your website or pages are all about.
  2. Off-Page SEO- See how authoritative and popular your website is.

Understand it simply, what you rant for is determined by the on-page factors, and how high your website is in search results is determined by the off-page factors. SEO services provide you with many functions to optimize your website and improve search engine ranking.


On-page SEO is for optimizing different forms of your website that definitely affect your search engine ranking. Where your website appears in search engine results is determined by various factors including site accessibility, page speed, keywords, title tags, optimized content, and many more. It is the things that you have to control over your website.

On-Page SEO checklists: –

  1. Title Tags

Keep your targeted keywords in the title tag for each page of your website. There are so many good practices that you can follow in the effective writing of title tags. Some of the good practices are: –

  1. Limit your title tag to 55-60 characters in your title.
  2. Put the keyword at the beginning of the title.
  3. Don’t stuff your keywords in the title tag.
  1. Headings H1

Headings are the largest page of your page and for that reason, search engines give them a little extra weight than your other page copy. It is a good idea to keep your targeted keywords in the headings of each web page and make sure it accurately reflects your page’s content.

H1 is limited to one per page and for others, you can make sub-headings H2, H3, till H6.

  1. URL Structure

Try to put keywords in your URL if possible, do not change all your current URLs so that they have keywords in them. You cannot change your old URL until you have a plan on redirecting it to the new one. Keep your URL as short as possible. Our local SEO company will help your business to rank at the top for your targeted keywords.

  1. Mobile friendly

In recent years, Google has prioritized the mobile-friendly website as a key ranking metric. How do you find if your website is mobile-friendly or not? You can put your URL into the mobile-friendly test and Google will tell you how friendly is your website based on the current algorithm.

  1. Page Content

The content of your page needs to be useful for the people. If they search for specific information to find your page, they would be able to find what they are looking for. Your content should be easy to read and provide value to the users. Google has many ways to measure if your content is useful or not.

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  1. Aim for at least 500 words of content copy. There is no formula for how many words a page has, Google prefers when a page has good content surrounding with targeted keywords.
  2. Copy should be unique to each page, it should not be duplicated from other pages on your website, and directly address to the visitor’s search queries.
  3. Put the keywords closer to the beginning of the title.


Off-page SEO activities focus on increasing the authority of your domain by getting links from other websites. The huge off-page SEO factors are the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Here are some of the examples you can build links to your websites are: –

  1. Creating good content that people want to link to because it is valuable.
  2. Share your content on social media it will ultimately generate links.
  3. Guest blogging on sites related to yours. These guest posts will further have links back to your own website.

Link quantity is still important but SEO professionals know that link quality is more important than link quantity. Creating shareable content is the first step to earn valuable links and it also improves your off-page SEO. Through social media marketing, you can promote your website on different social media platforms for a product or service.

SEO is also used to believe that buying links was a valid way of link building but now Google will penalize you for buying links to manipulate page rank. You can also be penalized for submitting your links to the link directories whose only purpose is to increase your domain authority. Quality wins to quantity when it comes to link building.

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