RNI Registration: Criteria Of Title Verification

RNI registration

As per the rules of Registrar of Newspapers in India, only newspapers that are allowed to have RNI registration are the ones whose titles fit the criteria mentioned in those rules.

Why titles are important in RNI online registration?

For one, it’s the title that separates your newspapers from the others. And, it’s the title that allows people to remember the quality of news your newspapers provide. Simply put, a newspaper title is same as the trademark. It has to be unique. However, unlike trademark name – which can even be gibberish in most cases – a title of a newspaper has to always be meaningful.

How meaningful the title has to be? And what criterion does the Registrar implements to verify the title? These are the questions that require answers, and this blog will give them to you.

Same and Similar Titles to Indian publications are not allowed

If your newspaper title is same or similar to one that already has RNI registration, it won’t receive verification from the Registrar.

Same and Similar Titles to Foreign publications are not allowed

If your newspaper title is same or similar a foreign newspaper or publication, it won’t receive verification from the Registrar.

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You can’t submit more than three RNI title registration application

As an aspirant who wants to start a newspaper, it’s natural to file more than one application to ensure that at least one of the titles gets accepted.

However, you’re not allowed to file more than three applications along with the documents required for RNI registration at one time. If the Registrar receives more than three requests, it will only accept three starting applications – rejecting the rest.

First come first basis verification is present, with exceptions

The Registrar of newspaper in India will verify the titles on first come first serve basis. However, there are exceptions, in the following:

  1. You can cut through the line and get your title quickly verified if you have NOC from the Ministry of Information Broadcasting.
  2. If the court has directed that you must get the first chance to get your RNI registration certificate for title, you’ll be considered before anyone else.
  3. If the court deems that you getting the newspaper title is in the public’s best interest, you’ll be given verification preference over the rest.

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RNI holds no accountability of errors

If the Registrar of Newspaper rejects your application of title verification because you misspelled the title, the registrar won’t be responsible for that rejection.

RNI registration is not applicable to anything other than newspapers

It’s the Press and Registration of Books act, 1867 that governs RNI registration. Thus, anything that’s not a newspaper or periodical won’t be considered for RNI registration. Simply put, for the following categories. Registration is not allowed or not needed:

  1. News Agencies
  2. Feature Agencies
  3. News Portals (It’s the question that we are often asked. So finally, we answer that no, RNI registration for online news portal is not a thing)
  4. Electronic version of any publication.


To get verification for the newspaper title is the first step towards getting full RNI registration. If you’re still wondering how to go about it, our RNI Registration agent is ready to take your call. Reach out to us to get the right to publish your newspaper at an affordable RNI registration fees.

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