TEC Certification: A Definite Guide

TEC Certification

Telecommunication Engineering Centre or TEC only allows the import of telecom products after running necessary tests on those products and issuing the importers the TEC Certification. Issued under the governance of Telecommunication Department, the government of India has made it mandatory requirement for those who wish to import telecom products in India.

TEC approval certificate became a requirement after its mention in the Indian national Polity 2012 and the amended Telegraph rules 2017. As per the rules, it’s necessary to test all telecom products for the following reasons:

  • Safety to connect the product
  • Ensuring seamless functioning of the network.

What is TEC Certification?

TEC has a full form which is Telecommunication engineering centre. A professional body, its job is to test the telecom products as per the standards set by the Department of Telecommunication. All the products related to telecommunication industry must first have the stamp of TEC approval by this professional body.

That approval is called TEC certification.

The Need of TEC Certificate

Why is it necessary to go through TEC certificate process? The short answer is the certificate is the guarantee that the product is safe to use by the Indian citizen and works as per the DOT standards. The long answer is as follows:

  • Marking the product: Every telecom product, as per the Indian Telegraph Rules 2017, must possess as TEC mark. This mark acts as a proof that the product has been tested by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre.
  • Protecting existing network:By issuing a telecom product a TEC certificate, India ensures that the network that its connected to doesn’t degrade.
  • It ensures that all those who use the product are protected.
  • Imposing radio-frequency restrictions: TEC certification ensures that the product works within the prescribed radio frequencies. By doing so it protects the health of the public from harmful frequency bands.
  • Making the product live up to international standards: The standard that DOT has set for telecommunication product is a combination of national and international points. Thus, issuing TEC certificate to the product means that it lives up to the international standards.

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How to Get TEC Certificate in India?

Here are the steps you need to follow to get TEC certification in India:

  • Find out whether you need TEC certification: If you fall under the following categories, you don’t need TEC certification for your telecom product:
    • You’re an Indian manufacturer of the product
    • The product you’re importing has already been approved by the TEC
  • Get the product tested at a private lab: Reach out to an NABL accredited and independent lab and run tests on your product to see – on your end – whether it matches with the DOT standards.
  • Obtain the authorization letter from the foreign manufacturer: Only an authorized Indian representative is allowed to file the application. Thus, obtain the authorization letter from the foreign manufacturer whose telecom product you’re planning to import in India.
  • Create an online profile on TEC portal: To obtain the TEC certification, apply online. But before that, you need to create your profile. Go to the TEC portal and create a profile by entering your credentials and submitting a copy of the authorization letter.

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  • File the online application: Fill the online application form for TEC certification. Finalize the submission by depositing the fee.
  • Print out the application: Take a printout of the application form and attach it with the following documents:
    • Company incorporation certificate
    • IEC code
    • Technical specification of the product
    • Test report from the independent lab
    • Authorization letter authorizing the AIR (Authorized Indian representative)
    • Sample of the telecommunication product.
  • Testing begins: The TEC will assess your application and documents while testing the product in their own lab.
  • Get the TEC certificate: if your product passes the tests, you’ll obtain TEC certificate.


This complete guide is all that you need to understand to get TEC Certification in India. If you want more, you’d need the aid of TEC Consultants. We are it. We can help you obtain TEC certificate as per your required timeline. Contact us for more information.

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