Top 10 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gift Ideas for Gamers

Unsure what to get the gaming fanatic in your life for Christmas? Below we have highlighted our top 10 gift ideas that are perfect for every type of gamer.

  • Gaming Headset

One of the easiest ways to enhance a gamers setup is by upgrading their gaming headset. There are many different types of headsets available. One of our recommendations is the Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset. It has many features which enhances a gamers experience including noise cancelling headphones and microphone so you can fully immerse yourself.

  • Gaming Chair

Perfect for a PC gamer, a comfortable gaming chair is the perfect upgrade for a setup. There are a range of different gaming chairs available that can maximise comfort with their sleek design. Our recommendation is the AKRacing LX Plus PC gaming chair, coming in a range of different colours with premium quality.

  • Mouse Pad

If the gamer in your life has just upgraded their mouse and keyboard, why not upgrade their mouse pad. There is a wide variety of sizes and types available to suit each gamer. Our recommendation is the Xtrfy GP1 Medium Gaming mouse pad which has been tested by professional gamers. Created with high quality materials, this will allow you to improve precision and provide super-enhanced tracking.

  • Mouse & Keyboard

Having an advanced, high quality keyboard and mouse is important for PC gamers. Sold in a bundle or separately, keyboards and mice are just as influential as the PC. A Keyboard that we recommend is the MSI VIGOR GK50 ELITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Offering light key pressure, it allows gamers to enhance their experience along with having a sleek design.

  • Gaming Monitor

An advanced gaming monitor can completely transform a gamer’s experience. There are a wide variety of gaming monitors including curved screens and 4K resolution. Our ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor is the world’s fastest gaming monitor with 280 Hz refresh rate allowing you to have a crystal clear gaming session with no interrrputions.

  • PC Tower

Looking for a PC Tower for an avid gamer is sometimes difficult and depends on the budget available. The main features to look for include the graphics card, RAM, FPS speed and processor. The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition Midi Tower is a great affordable option with a cooling fan design to allow your gaming sessions to run smoothly.

  • Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is a great investment for gamers who are on the move or are looking for an affordable way to start up their gaming passion. The ASUS TUF Gaming Notebook is a great option with immersive gameplay and personalised backlighting that gives you an enjoyable, smooth experience.

  • External Hard Drive

When downloading a lot of games, a console may not have the ability to store much depending on the storage size chosen. An external hard drive is a great way to make a console run faster also. Our recommendation is the ASUS FX GAMING EHD-A1T external hard drive which is designed specifically to store games and data backup. 

  • Gaming Controller

Gaming Controllers are accessories that are a necessity for some consoles but can also personalise PC gaming. This can sometimes be down to the gamer’s preferences. If they prefer to use a controller, it is important to find one that is compatible with the console. The Canyon CND-GPW3 Gaming Controller is affordable but also compatible with Android, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s wireless features allows you to be up to 10 metres away from the console in question.

  • Wireless Router

A wireless router can completely transform a gamer’s experience when setup properly. The TUF Gaming AX5400 wireless router is a great choice to provide two times faster speeds than your regular router, perfect for gamers who like to play online or stream.

When choosing the gift for your avid gamer, it is important to think about your budget and the types of games that they play. Concept Direct provide a wide range of pieces of tech from some of the biggest brands at an affordable price. 

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