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Scouting for some of the top tier WordPress hosting in the whole of UK? Well, we have the perfect options lined up for you to choose from. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 WordPress hosting providers and the pros and cons they bring to the table.

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most popular forms of hosting offered by web hosting providers because of the exponential growth in WordPress users. Managed WordPress hosting means they handle all the hosting responsibilities. They take care of your website’s security, ensure optimum performance, and systematically backup your data to keep it safe in case of a disaster. In addition to this, they review plugins and let you know if any are causing problems.

Basically, managed WordPress hosting UK provides a quick hosting option that is free of any pesky issues as they have round-the-clock support from experienced professionals. While there are several benefits of WordPress hosting, its prices are higher than other hosting alternatives. For example, a managed WordPress hosting provider will provide a personal account for hosting a single website that receives approximately 20,000 visitors at around £15 per month. If you choose to upgrade to multiple domain plans, the price is approximately £99 per month. This is beyond the budget of someone who is just beginning to set up a blog.

Bloggers that have an established blog that gets ample traffic, and manages to earn a substantial amount can afford these managed WordPress hosting plans. It is the perfect option for those who lack the technical knowledge or time that it takes to deal with these elements.

Let’s take a look at how the best-managed WordPress hosting websites perform in the UK.

1. AccuWeb Hosting


The best WordPress hosting company is AccuWeb Hosting. They started in 2003 and are situated in Old Tappan, New Jersey (USA). They provide a comprehensive range of hosting services, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and more. Furthermore, their feature-rich WordPress Hosting package begins at just $9.99 per month.

For just $9.99, you can host an infinite number of WordPress websites that are both quicker and more optimized. The key benefit of their WordPress plan is that you may choose where the services are provided. They also have servers in over 15 different locations.

AccuWeb WordPress hosting is a fully managed WordPress hosting service meant to handle all of the WordPress technical parts of your website, allowing you to focus on your company rather than dealing with WordPress’s problems.

Features of WordPress Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

Pre-installed WordPress 

All of our WordPress Hosting plans come with pre-installed WordPress. So you can focus on your business, and we will take care of your WordPress site.

Easily Scalable WordPress Hosting

At any point in time, without any downtime, you can easily scale the resources of your WordPress Hosting plan to accommodate traffic surges.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We ensure the maximal security, optimized speed, adherence to updates, actioning backups, and the many general maintenance and optimization tasks a WordPress server requires. Assistant from WordPress Expert – Phone(tier 1), Chat (tier 1 + tier 2) & Ticket

Optimized WordPress Hosting

We care about the performance of your WordPress site. And with this line in mind, we deliver all orders with a fully optimized WordPress installation. (Litespeed, LSCache, Low density of Hosting accounts, fewer clients on a server, Isolated WordPress Accounts)

Full Access of Source Code

You will get full access to your WordPress source code and database. Apart from the WordPress interface, you can also manage them using FTP & a control panel.

WordPress for Beginners

Our WordPress expert team is available 24*7 here to assist you in any way to start your business from a small scale to a large level WordPress website.

2. Webhosting UK (WHUK)

Webhosting UK

Webhosting UK also referred to as WHUK, provides data centers that fall at level 3 along with the highest level of security. You can enjoy the best of features such as systems that are built to prevent disasters and manage them. The web hosting plans they have can cater to a wide variety of customers ranging from having a personal blog that does not need extensive, to huge organizations that encounter a lot of traffic and require extensive resources. WHUK aims to successfully fulfill the requirements of a large variety of customers in the market. At the moment, they are catering to more than 35,000 customers all around the globe with their key cloud as well as application hosting solutions.

You can make your choice from the wide variety of services WHUK offers. Its basic WordPress web hosting plan, known as WordPress Lite starts at the low price of £0.99 per month (excluding VAT) and includes a single domain. The plan also offers unlimited Bandwidth, SSD storage up to 1GB, a WordPress toolkit, 1 email account, and WordPress website hosting. As the plans advance, so do the features such as storage and the number of WordPress websites you can host. They have professionals with an extensive amount of experience and knowledge to help provide all of their customers with round-the-clock technical support. So if you ever encounter any issues, they will be resolved in record time. WHUK also guarantees a 99.9% uptime with almost no downtime, a fact that is tried and tested and can be seen in their records.

Along with this, they provide blogs, a service status page, a knowledge base, and a forum. The latest developments within the industry are relayed to the customers through this, plus notifications related to solutions or upcoming maintenance are sent too. WHUK is one of the best web hosting options you can choose to boost your website and help your business succeed.



IONOS, also known as 1&1, is a popular web hosting service in the industry for quite a long time. They’re the go-to option for ones needing domain names along with other website hosting UK solutions.

They have very cost-effective WordPress hosting that begins its Essential plan at just £2 per month (excluding VAT). Up to 10 email accounts, storage of 25GB SSD, a domain that does not cost you anything, and 2 MySQL databases are included in this plan. This is one of the most low-cost options that are available in the market.

IONOS provides one of the most easy-to-use and efficient WordPress dashboards you will ever encounter. Once you complete your WordPress installation, you can select a design from the ones provided in the various groups. You basically get a tiny WordPress helper to help you navigate and get going. After your website setup is complete, you can proceed to IONOS login. This will help you deal with the installations on your website and domain. If you are just starting out, you can benefit from the plugins that are already installed and ready to be used.

While IONOS offers great benefits at a low cost, it does have certain drawbacks when it comes to performance and speed. They provide an expansive range of services to cater to the needs of several customers. However, there is a potential to focus more on web hosting itself as their technology could do with an upgrade.


  • Brilliant for blogging.
  • Very easy to navigate and make use of.
  • Extremely cost-effective.

4. iPage


iPage offers a brilliantly cost-effective WordPress hosting service. Their plans are at the low price of £1.50 per month. You can enjoy a variety of features that you might otherwise not receive from other web hosting services. When you are just starting on your WordPress website journey, having to deal with the hosting responsibilities too might feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew. iPage is the perfect choice to help you avoid being overwhelmed. Not only do they offer brilliant web hosting features, but they also furnish you with choices and tools that are SEO compatible to help you get started.

Every single WordPress hosting customer can select a domain without any cost that lasts for a whole year. The hosting plans also come with a variety of plugins to make your WordPress web hosting journey easier. These features bring your website to another level.

iPage provides customer support by experienced professionals. Hence, if you ever encounter any issues, their experts have got you covered. It is well worth the cost. They have a magnificent website performance average. Its 99.9% uptime is a boon that boosts your website’s speed. It provides features such as SiteLock that ensure your website levels up.


  • Incredibly simple usability.
  • Cost-effective plans.
  • Highly knowledgeable WordPress professionals offer customer support.
  • Free of cost SiteLock security.

5. Hostinger


Hostinger offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% for shared WordPress hosting, at a low cost of £1.99p per month. Their uptime and downtime data is published for all to see on all of their servers. So there is absolute transparency of their work. It helps the clients know that they deliver on their promises. Their premium plan is also extremely cost-effective while providing limitless bandwidth and regular backups every week. You can also enjoy a domain name completely free of cost.

Hostinger is one of the most renowned web hosting provider that has more than 10,000 signups every day. You can enjoy top-tier features that you only get with the best web hosting companies, such as a domain free of cost, installations with a single press of a button, and every plan getting an SSL certificate without having to pay anything extra for it.

Once you’re done signing up and forming a website, you’ll be blown away by the performance and how quick it is. They have a control panel that is extremely simple and straightforward to navigate and use. It is furnished with huge icons and tools that are easy to apply.

Hostinger is exceptionally budget-friendly and compatible with blogs, small websites, and online stores. In case you run into any problems, they have one of the best customer services that will help resolve everything in record time and efficiently. You also have the safety net of getting back your money within 30 days guarantee.


  • Server has top-tier response time.
  • Brilliant customer support.
  • An SSL certificate with a free domain.

6. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is great throughout as a web solution. You get to pick the service you require from the wide range they have to offer that includes cost-efficient WordPress hosting, web hosting, domains, and an efficient website builder, among others. They are known to be one of the best web hosting series across the globe with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

£3.99 is the cost of their basic web hosting plan every month. At this cost, you can enjoy storage up to 100GB, 1 website hosting, a domain free of cost, and unmetered bandwidth. They offer a large variety of plans at a substantially low price. eCommerce customers can choose plans that come up to £5.99 that have some brilliant features.

Every web hosting plan by GoDaddy comprises WordPress installations that can be done with a single click. Upgrading your plan is also incredibly easy. You can easily expand your CPU and RAM capacity among other things. It has a simple usability factor and it takes into account the needs of the entire marketplace to cater to different needs successfully.

GoDaddy is the perfect option if you want to satisfy the needs of your entire website at the same time. While their plans are not entirely low-cost, they will certainly help cater to your needs. You can benefit from amazing features like an SSL certificate, a domain for free, round-the-clock customer support, and a straightforward control panel.


  • Perfect for eCommerce
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • Their control panel is easy to navigate than others.


This will give you an overview of the different WordPress web hosting plans that are provided by the best web hosting companies in the UK. WHUK, Hostinger, iPage, GoDaddy, AccuWeb, and IONOS, are the best web hosting companies that we have reviewed in this article. Linux VPS hosting is also a good option to security host your WordPress website. It has the capability to handle high traffic spikes.

We hope it will help you find the perfect one with features and prices that are most compatible with all of the needs of your business as it grows and succeeds.



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