Top 7 PUBG Mobile Game Development Companies in the USA

PUBG Mobile Game

The PUBG mobile game is one of the grossing mobile game applications that has changed the whole concept of battle royal gaming. 

According to research, PUBG mobile was the highest revenue-earning game with $2.6 Billion in 2020. After such a boom in the battle royal segment, various gaming entrepreneurs are looking to build their own PUBG mobile game application in the USA.

In this article, we’ll learn about the cost and reliable IT companies that provide PUBG game tournament services in the US.

1. BR Softech

BR Softech is a leading mobile game application company in the USA with more than 10 years of technical background. The company has a well-versed team of experienced developers having exceptional coding skills and expertise in PUBG game tournament development.

BR Softech has worked on various battle royale gaming projects. They have an interesting portfolio that represents more than 100 satisfied clients all over the world. Their developers are proficient enough to work on the latest technologies and shape complex gaming ideas similar to the PUBG mobile game in reality.

They provide services for multiple gaming solutions such as 2D & 3D gaming, Board game designing, Online Casino Solutions, Unity game development, Facebook game development,  AR & VR gaming solutions, and a lot more.

2. Juegostudio

Established in 2011, Juegostudio is a renowned PUBG game development company in the USA. They have a proficient workforce of mobile game developers, graphics designers, artists, and animators having years of industry experience. 

Their passionate developers boast a vast knowledge of different gaming genres, the latest technologies, and video game design. Juegostudio has more than 40 satisfied clients all over the world. As a reputed IT company, they possess passion and enthusiasm to develop complex games like PUBG with incredible features and an amazing user experience.

3. ZCO Corporation

ZCO Corporation is a leading tycoon in the PUBG game tournament development industry. They have a skillful team of 300 developers that possess years of technical experience in the PUBG game development industry.

Their developers, artists, and designers work passionately to derive ultimate gaming solutions by working on the latest technologies. ZCO corporation has served more than 200 worldwide clients by providing top-notch mobile game application services.

ZCO Corporation has expertise in providing programming solutions for various gaming segments such as VR & AR services, 2D – 3D gaming solutions, Unity game development, etc.

4. Zazz

Zazz is a PUBG game tournament development company with a well-versed team of mobile game developers, graphic designers, artists, and game content designers. They have worked on different types of gaming projects that possess interactive data-driven features, spectacular animations, and excellent UI experience.

The company deals in various types of game development services such as 2d & 3d designing, iOS game programming, Android game development, and AR & VR integration. Their programmers have experience in working on different game designing studios and top-notch technologies such as Unity, and Pixi.Js, etc.

5. NerdRoot

NerdRoot is a well-known PUBG game tournament development company based in the USA. They have a reputation in Android, iOS, and custom game development. NerdRoot has a workforce of experienced programmers and creative graphic designers that have vast knowledge about the different types of gaming segments like strategy, RPG, racing, puzzle, and board game development.

They believe in developing cutting-edge games with eye-catching graphics and interactive features. Real-time communication, 100% project transparency, and on-time project delivery are some common etiquettes that make them one of the leading game development companies in the USA.

6. Argentics

Looking to develop a PUBG mobile game application in the USA? Argentics is a top mobile game developer that was established in the year of 2018. They are known for their proficient team of experienced programmers, and creative graphic designers. 

They provide quality gaming solutions for various types of gaming segments such as racing, battle royale, strategical, etc. Argentics deals in different types of gaming solutions such as AR/VR game development, 2D/3D designing, and a lot more.

Their developers possess years of industry experience and proficiency to work on the different types of technology stacks. Argentics have worked on mobile projects that boast high-end gaming features, astonishing graphics, and flawless gameplay. 

7. Cubix

Founded in 2008, Cubix is a PUBG game development company that has worked on various gaming projects for more than 50 international clients. Cubix has an experienced team of well-versed programmers and creative designers. 

Their game developers have expertise in working on different types of technology stacks and with the integration of AI, machine learning, virtual reality, and advanced mobile solutions.

Cost Of PUBG Game Development

PUBG Game Development is a vast niche and it requires a lot of team effort. Developing such a game requires a vast team of designers, developers, network engineers, artists, marketers, etc. 

The cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG depends on factors like the country of the game developer and team strength. After including all these factors, the overall cost of PUBG game development ranges between $150K to $300k in the US.


All of the above-given companies hold years of industry experience in the Royale game development. However, if you’re willing to proceed with some other company, then always examine their work portfolio, team experience, and customer testimonials. These aspects will help you determine the reliability of the PUBG game tournament development company and it will also save your investment from going in vain.

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