Upraise Your Taxi Business Using The Uber Clone App Crafted with Covid-19 Safety Features

Uber Clone App

The new normal is not normal, but all are adapting to the changes. This has transformed the world, and especially many businesses are moved towards an online platform. In the Covid-19 crisis, people are concerned about safety and hygiene. This is an essential thing as the global health crisis shook the world. The traditional taxi operators are looking to elevate their business. But, how? It is simple by investing in the Uber Clone app. Despite this, budding entrepreneurs are seeking for a profitable business to start during this pandemic.

Integrate The Covid-19 Safety Features With The Uber Clone Taxi App

Are you already running a taxi business? Ready to plunge into the ride-hailing industry right away? Need to scale up your taxi business to increase your user base? It may be that you have to consider integrating the Covid-19 safety features in your Uber clone taxi app. This will help you to upgrade a taxi business and withstand this situation.

The situation is slightly improving and we are going back to normal. Still, people hesitate to go out even for important events. Moreover, many businesses are calling their employees or workers back to work on the premises. However, people fear to prefer public transportation as there is a high chance of spreading the virus. So, there are less options for them to travel. The solution for this scenario is the Uber taxi app which follows Covid-19 protocols.

Let’s have a look at some of the Covid-19 safety features to integrate into your taxi booking clone app.

Passenger Limit

The government is leveraging strict rules for cabs and other transportations to prevent the spread of virus transmission. More number of passengers in the cab increases the chance of virus transmission. Thus, they restricted the passenger count.

Face Mask Verification

The standard Covid-19 safety measures include face mask and social distancing. Apart from the social distancing, you have to include the Face mask verification feature in which the driver has to update the self-acknowledgement of wearing gloves and a face mask.

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Cancel a Ride

The taxi driver has the option to cancel the ride if the riders/passengers do not follow the safety protocols and vice versa. Having this feature adds more value to the Uber clone app.

Safety Ratings And Reviews

You can allow the riders to share the safety reviews upon taking a ride. This improves app performance and new riders have trust towards your app.

Safety Checklist

The driver has to ensure adhering to the safety checklists, including sanitizing the vehicle, keeping sanitizers in the vehicle, face mask, gloves, and so on. By doing this, you can build trust and gain loyal users.

Besides adding these features, you can consider including various services like parcel delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, and much more. This helps to stand ahead of the high competition. With the changing market trends and the emergence of technology, you can come up with unique business ideas to implement. Obviously, there is a prodigious probability that you can be a pioneer of a business.

Final Note

Are you seeking to develop a taxi booking app like Uber with Covid-19 safety features? Partner with a clone app development company as they offer a white label taxi app solution. They will assist you with the feature customization. It is easy to elevate your taxi business using the Uber clone script.

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