Top 10 Virtual Exhibition Ideas to Engage Your Audience for 2022

Virtual Exhibition Ideas

Virtual exhibition is a type of virtual event that takes place over the internet on a virtual platform. Attendees from all around the world can participate and attend the event and witness what you have to exhibit. You may exhibit your content and interact with the audience as well on a virtual platform, however the case is that people generally tend to get disengaged after a while as they have to witness what you offer on a screen may make them feel disconnected.

Provide you attendees with tasks and activities to perform during the exhibition, encourage them to ask questions, once they start participating in the event they will be compelled to sit for the entire duration of the time and stay engaged. For an exhibition event to be successful, audience engagement is crucial, as they are the determining factor of the success for your event. Thus today we will look at 10 ideas that may help you keep your attendees engaged and make your virtual exhibition a success.

Top 10 Virtual Exhibition Ideas

Understanding your attendees perspective and making necessary changes is significant for attendees engagement. Presenting your audience with engaging activities will increase the chances of engagement and participation. The key thing is interaction with the attendees to make them feel included. Let us now look at the 10 ideas for you Virtual Exhibition event:

  1. Polling. Interact with your audience before and during the event to understand their perspective, not only will this make them feel included but it will also develop a sense of participation in the event. Ask about the relevancy of the content provided and about their likes and dislikes, you may even take live polls during an exhibition to encourage your attendees to take part and present their opinions. Relevant content will attract more audience and you may understand the relevancy of content by interacting with the attendees.
  2. Entertainment. There will be timeless when your audience will go in a monotonous state, it is significant to keep them satisfied throughout the event, thus hiring entertainers to entertain your attendees is crucial irrespective of the size of your event. Sketch artists, music artists or even celebrity guests can go a long way in showing your dedication towards the event while simultaneously keeping your audience entertained. The key thing is to give your audience a reason to stick around the exhibition. You may also hire experts who may provide insightful thoughts related to your exhibition.
  3. Goodies and Virtual bags. It is truly a delightful experience when someone gifts you something, well the attendees love it too! Offer  your gratitude for their attendance by sending out goodies to your attendees residence. You may present participants with quality gifts or coupon codes which are relevant and helpful for them. Sending out such goodies and gifts will help you present your thoughts while simultaneously giving your attendees something to remember your event.
  4. Gamification. Introducing games to your event will enhance attendees participation and will keep them engaged when no primary content is streaming. Games can also be used to create a healthy environment of competition among the attendees, not only that gamification can keep the attendees preoccupied when they feel like they need a break from the primary activities of the event. Essentially gamification of events will help you boost the participation and enhance engagement among the attendees.
  5. Social media wall. When the audience gets engaged with the event they tend to share their memories and activities on their social media and hence essentially that is free media exposure for the organisation and the event. Including hashtags that are relevant with your event may help you increase awareness about your event. By hosting a social media contest you can encourage the attendees to use the hashtags and post event related feed on their social media and offer attractive awards based on the popularity one may achieve for the event.
  6. Interaction and Communication. The key thing that engages the audience with the event is interaction, not only with the host but also with each other. Audiences prefer to interact with each other and discuss their opinions, hence it is significant to provide them with this capability. You may incorporate features such as group chat, host chat, and one-on-one meetings. In a virtual exhibition it is significant to let your audience interact as it will enhance the resultant opinion related to your exhibition.
  7. Event Theme. Introducing a theme that is relevant to your exhibition will enhance the audience engagement as the overall representation of the event will be appealing and attractive. On top of being visually attractive the exhibition will appear to be on-point, given that the theme complements your format of exhibition well.
  8. Quizzes. Quizzes are a great way to compel your audience for participation. Such participation will lead to honest opinions presented in MCQs or sidenotes. These honest opinions will go a long way in helping you host future virtual exhibitions. Quizzes are also a great way to summarise the event for your audience. Announcing the quiz before the exhibition commences may also sharpen the attention span of the audience.
  9. Feedback sessions. Feedbacks are a great source of obtaining valuable information related to your attendees. Knowing what the attendees prefer at your exhibition will help you incorporate more similar activities thus increasing engagement. Feedbacks are also essentially free event advice which you can leverage in future events and mek them even more engaging. Understanding the likes and dislikes of your attendees will provide you significant insights and thus you may leverage these insights and make appropriate changes in your future events.
  10. Customer Support. Customer Support may not seem the most appealing feature in an event, however it goes a long way because there will be some attendees who may find it difficult to browse around the exhibition or may have trouble getting around the platform, hence having a team of customer support is significant to guide these attendees and ensure a seamless experience for them. You may start the customer support line before the exhibition commences and keep it online well after the exhibition concludes.

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Over to You

Virtual exhibitions are held on a virtual events platform which is broadcasted around the world via the internet. For any event format the key thing is attendees engagement, the above-mentioned 10 reasons will help you make necessary changes in your exhibition or add features which you may not have included, yet. Keeping the attendees engaged throughout your event is significant as they are the main focus of the event, it is the attendees to whom you will be presenting what you have to offer.

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