Virtual Tours: What are The Benefits and Costs of Using it

Virtual tours

Almost all people in the world can access the internet. As of now, the internet exists as the most efficient marketing platform. It became possible for millions of individuals to learn about a product or service in just a matter of seconds. Do you own a hotel or run a restaurant? Are you in the real estate business? 

If you do, many expert developers can create a virtual tour for your business to provide your customers an enjoyable experience of your place beforehand, and to keep the interest in your potential customers. Google virtual tours feature has even made it easier for visitors and users all over the globe to view your business because you can integrate it easily.

To this day, the different industry has evolved, and brands and companies are taking marketing online. That’s why virtual tours became a normal strategy that businesses take advantage of to enhance their online presence. Expert developers use their graphic and creative skills to create a virtual tour of different businesses.

What is a Virtual Tour?

Since the launch of virtual reality technology, many have been using it for different purposes. For instance, major retailers such as Walmart use the platform to train their staff and so on. Dentists use virtual reality headsets to divert their patients’ attention during the treatment. Medical students are trained for surgery or the same procedures with the help of Google virtual tour. So, virtual tours are also a result of this current technology, which is primarily used by businesses to provide a glance at their products and services to the consumers.

Virtual tours can be identified as the simulation of a particular location that contains a sequence of still images or videos. Aside from that, other multimedia aspects like narration, text, music, sound effects, etc. can be included in it. It is completely used by the hospitality and real estate industry but can be useful to other sectors as well. Also, the quality and accessibility of a Google virtual tour have significantly improved over recent years.

Uses and Benefits of Virtual Tours

Provides Plenty of Visual Information

Many developers create a virtual tour because it plays a special role in letting individuals know all there is to know about your business. When it is placed inside Google street view, your clients will have access to some important data about your photo gallery, business facilities, and contacts. You can depend on our expert skills to develop a high-quality, interesting tour for your customers to see.

Increases Your Sales

Users and clients usually know what they want to see when they are searching for a product or service. You can choose to create a virtual tour to present what your customers are looking for, they will immediately call you to buy something. That is why developers make sure to make any virtual tour to be as compelling as possible to capture your visitors’ interest.

Available 24/7

Choosing to create a virtual tour improves the value of your business since it functions on a 24-hour basis. It means that buyers can see your business at any time of day or night, regardless of the time zones. People that view your business from Google street view will sooner become your loyal customers.

Is Google Street View the Same as a Virtual Tour?

Google Street View offers you a view of the property’s exterior, while a 360° virtual tour enables you to get inside. When it is good to go, the virtual tour will be placed on Google Maps and make it available on your Google My Business listing. A virtual tour helps complete the company’s page and boosts your SEO ranking.

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How Much Does a Google Virtual Tour Cost?

A Google virtual tour is a core element to many businesses, and the way developers price 360 virtual tours depends on the number of 360 panoramic scenes that are needed to capture just to effectively show the locations of the business that you would like your buyers to learn more about. 

The floor area of the business is an excellent way to calculate the average price for the Google virtual tour. However, it is not the absolute aspect because some businesses and companies have more of an open plan layout than others. It means that there may be fewer 360 panoramic scenes required to effectively capture the virtual tour of their space.

  • Small virtual tours – around S$552 (360 scenes included: Up to 10)
  • Medium virtual tours – around S$985 (360 scenes included: Up to 20)
  • Large virtual tours – around S$1,193 (360 scenes included: Up to 30)
  • Custom virtual tours – around S$352/10 scenes (Any Google tours over 30 scenes)

Hire a Virtual Tour Expert

Unless you have a business online or never have customers inside, then it is highly suggested to use a virtual tour. Incorporating these important pieces of content will help you engage potential customers, drive more website traffic, rank your business higher on Google, and give valuable visible context about your space. Digital Solutions has experts in the field that will help you create the best virtual tour experience. Check out our website to learn more about Google virtual tours.


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