The Need for ITSPs to Have Additional Revenue Streams for which the Multi-tenant IP PBX Software is Perfect

ISP PBX Software

By definition, an Internet Telephony Service Provider’s main business covers internet services and telephony. You set up the infrastructure comprising of software and hardware and link up with tier 2 or tier 3 services as well as with carriers and you are all set. In fact, this mindset could lead to stagnation and then customer churn. Today’s environment is extremely competitive with customers demanding more services at affordable prices. This is a strong inducement to shift to IP PBX software, a fast-growing segment estimated o be worth $ 216 billion and more. It is adding one more revenue stream with the minimal requirement.

Multiple Revenue Streams Important

You may be happy serving an existing set of customers but your growth is limited unless you find multiple revenue streams. Think of it as a flywheel for your business engine. It may not be possible to diversify into other segments but the chance to utilize existing infrastructure for multiple revenue streams should not be overlooked.

The multi-tenant IP PBX software can be the perfect driver for the achievement of this objective. You have single-point control of IP PBX operations and you can assign each user as a tenant and tenants can further assign users as sub-tenants. This structure permits flexible allocation of resources and permissions to use various modules at various price points, inducing more customers to join your services. You could even rope in resellers and retailers with white label IP PBX software so that they can promote their brands while contributing to your revenues. “Other people’s efforts” principle here pays rich dividends.

Multiple revenue sources increase the stability of cash flows and help you, as an ITSP, to plan for improvements and expansion as well as pay employees a better wage and hire skilled specialists, which, in turn, contributes to better efficiency and productivity.

More Choices, More Customers : Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software

The hosted multi-tenant IP PBX offers the flexibility of choices and a modular structure. This attracts more customers to your fold.

  • Modular services: You can compartmentalize the allocation of modular services. For instance, one client may need WebRTC while another may find SMS/voice broadcast a more desirable feature. Give each what is needed and you engender loyalty.
  • Sub-tenants can configure as they wish: Freedom is great when you have tenants who have subtenants. The hosted multi-tenant IP PBX lets each tenant set prices and switch on or off services as may be required by their sub-tenants. They have managerial control and do not have to fall back on you each time a change is required in their setup but you do have an overview and oversight of what is going on.
  • Feature-packed: Hosted IP PBX gives you UC and syncs together voice, chat, Fax, SMS, IVR, video conference, and even social media if so required. This gives you more options to design packages with specific and broad-ranging appeal according to clients. For instance, enterprise-level customers may want everything while an individual business operator may want just a couple of features on prepaid or postpaid plans. You can sell direct and your retailers can set up their own channels but you get a piece of the revenues.

Continuity of Revenues

There is yet another vital advantage to using multi-tenant hosted IP PBX. Your subscribers are locked in through short and long-term plans and you can actually forecast your revenues with assured continuity. If Spotify and Netflix, for instance, follow subscription models, there is no reason for you not to, especially when it improves revenue flows. The flexibility of currency and rate setting is that you can enroll retailers on a plain subscription or adopt a transactional policy of charging a percentage on what they use or earn.

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Managed Services Revenues

Hosted IP PBX gives you yet another revenue stream option. You manage services and charge enterprise-level customers accordingly. It is beyond doubt that enterprises would like to delegate the task of software support and provisioning to third parties. Besides this, you could easily set up outbound and inbound campaigns through the IP PBX software and offer these as value-added services. It is a win-win situation. Your clients spend only a small amount and reap the benefits of the outcomes of such campaigns without disturbing routine working within their organizations.

Strategic Analytics for More Improvements

In any business, you will want to have up-to-date information on which sectors are doing well, areas where customers have complaints, and revenue segments that should be refined more. The software gives you up to the minute analytics on your overall performance as well as your product and employees. The analytics feature of the hosted IP PBX software lets you carry out granular analytics. You can anticipate needs and pain points and address them to ensure customer delight, leading to loyalty and more sales.

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