Which VMware Certification is in Demand?

When we talk about effective virtualization technologies, VMware software is the most famous and used tool in this field. It has, in turn, skyrocketed the demand for certified VMWare IT professionals who can readily assist industries in leveraging VMware products and services. 

Why Are VMware Certificates Important?

VMware certifications validate the individuals’ skills and knowledge required in managing and supporting products and solutions. These certifications improve the mindset of solving problems and resolve issues efficiently. The increased salary that comes with these certifications is the cherry on top of the cake. If you desire to work with technical experts and on the back-end infrastructure, you need to undertake VMware certifications to excel in this field.

VMware training has become an essential part of today’s world as it drives many organizations’ cloud computing initiatives. Undertaking certification training helps individuals to enhance their problem-solving skills. Fixing issues and facing new challenges and opportunities is an added joy besides the increase in your salary. 

Becoming a certified VMWare professional by undertaking a course will enable you to reach new heights in this field and earn higher-level job profiles to gain more career stability.

VMware Certifications

There are three levels to VMware certifications:

  • The beginner level VMware certification includes an online exam that costs approximately around $130. 
  • The intermediate level of certification requires a certified training program which involves two exams that cost about $250 each. 
  • The final or third level of this certification includes a single exam priced at $450 approximately. 

Here are the top 5 certificates that will help you get you started in this field:

  • VMware vSphere Exam

The VMware vSphere exam is the most crucial VMware foundation exam, and it is mandatory to clear this exam before undertaking any other VMware certification. This exam is designed for those candidates who have not yet decided which VMware certification course they would choose to gain specialization and expertise in the field.

It is the most-demanded VMware certificate today since it acts as a gate-pass to further levels of certification. You can enroll at Koenig Solutions to train for this exam and clear it successfully.

  • VMware Certified Professional

VMware VCP is considered as the entry-level certification for this field. This certification is specially designed to test the technical competency of the students. You need to undertake a certified training course that shows hands-on training experience with VMware technologies. 

The cost of this certification in the United States of America is $250, but prices might vary according to the country’s location and currency.

  • VMware Certified Associate

There is also an optional certification to get started in this field. VMware Certified Associate is a certification intended for marketing and sales representatives looking to begin their journey in VMware solutions. 

This certification showcases the basic understanding of virtualization and VMWare concepts. Any individual who undertakes this course possesses knowledge of data center technology and also fundamental troubleshooting solutions.

  • VMware Certified Technical Professional

The is a new certification that acts as a VMware certified professional exam that enhances the skills and knowledge needed by individuals to perform efficient operational solutions within a virtualized framework. 

The VCTP is an entry-level certification that is suited for existing IT experts who provide operational support to administrators and engineers of the organization.

  • VMware NSX

VMware NSX certification shows the competence of the individual to build his/her software-defined networks in virtualized data centers. It brings the public cloud experience to your private cloud and provides you with many functionalities.  

This certification readily tests your ability to install, construct, and govern virtual NSX networking solutions, irrespective of the underneath physical software. It also showcases an individual’s potential in understanding the architecture and physical aspects of this software. 


Koenig Solutions provide over 50+ certified VMware courses for professionals and over 30+ VMware foundation exams for beginners. They employ expert trainers in this field which makes your journey easier. They also provide flexible time slots of 4 hours and 8 hours per day to learn at your convenience. 

Regardless of the certification that you select to start your journey with, it is highly mandatory to meet the requirements before your certificate expires. Therefore, it is imperative to remain updated with your certification deadlines and ensure to recertify at the required time.

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