Why Should Startups Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development In 2021?

Flutter Mobile App Development

Choose Flutter Mobile App Development In 2021

Flutter Mobile App Development: With 2.7 million applications in Google Play Store and around 1.84 million in Apple store, mobile app development has become vital for all types of businesses, no matter size and industry. 

Are you a bootstrapper who is planning to launch a mobile application? Are you still confused about which cross-platform framework you should choose in 2021? If so, Flutter is the best way to deal with your dilemma. 

Nowadays, Flutter has become a popular framework in the tech industry as it is a revolutionary trend for growing businesses. Developing feature-rich mobile applications within budget is very convenient for startups with this platform. While there are different types of options available in the market for startups to build mobile apps in 2021, experts advise choosing Flutter for this battle. But “Why choose Flutter app development framework for startups in 2021?” This is a common question raised in a newbie developer’s mind. So, here is answer but first, 

What is Flutter Exactly?

Flutter is a Google UI toolkit for developing great Android, web and desktop startup applications from one codebase. As an open-source framework for application development, this platform provides faster development across different operating systems. It is an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows you to design robust and reliable, and scalable applications for all types of OS with just one codebase. 

Now, it’s time to talk about Flutter’s popularity,

Facts support Flutter’s popularity

Launched in 2015 by Google, Flutter apps are growing at Google Play Store and Apple’s app store at the growth rate. Hence, it is becoming a great choice of cross-platform app development language. When it comes to developing brilliant applications in record times, some of the startup companies choose Flutter. According to Google Trends search results, Flutter is the most searched term from January 2020 to January 2021. 

If you are still unsure about Flutter for your startup company’s mobile app development in 2021, here are some convince reasons:

Top 5 convincing reasons that make Flutter winner over other cross-platform frameworks

Reason # 1 – Fast development

There is no denying that which apps or websites load too slow are uninstalled fast. Flutter makes mobile app development easy, increasing your efficiency and productivity with low cost and development time. It also provides Skia Graphics Library, which is a high-speed graphics library with a robust backend. This framework also gives you a smooth UI that loads up quickly in weak connection speeds with delivering up to 60-frames per second. 

Reason # 2 – Better UI consistency across platforms

Another reason Flutter is the right option for Startups if they are planning to develop a mobile application is better UI consistency across platforms. Flutter uses the same User Interface and business logic on all platforms, ensuring better UI consistently across all platforms. Plus, this framework doesn’t require any platform-specific UI components to rent its user interface. 

Reason # 3 – Hot reload

Undoubtedly, hot reload is the most critical reason why Flutter is more prevalent among startup companies for mobile app development in 2021. The hot reload feature saves hours of the development process by reducing all friction in designer, developer and collaboration reviews infinitely simple. This feature helps developers get the perfect UI by adjusting the code different times. 

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Reason # 4 – Native like performance

With millions of developers using Flutter every month and getting 10% month on month growth, Flutter has become a clear winner because of its outstanding performance. You don’t have to depend on any intermediate code or interpretations for developing an application with Flutter. As it allows to build apps directly on the native code, it reduces any bugs and provides flawless performance. Even it is proven that Flutter apps are identical to native apps in terms of performance and UI. 

The Final Thought!

If you want to succeed as a startup company owner in 2021, you need mobile apps that can deliver high-quality performance on different devices without costing too much. And that’s where Flutter comes in! From fast development to native like performance, there are many benefits that’s why Alibaba, Reflectly and Hamilton Music most popular brands chose Flutter for their mobile app development. 

If you are looking for a mobile app development framework that delivers high-quality solutions without breaking the bank, Flutter will never disappoint you. However, make sure you hire a reputed mobile app development company for the Flutter solution. A company with many years of experience in Flutter technology can deliver high performance and user-friendly applications that will thrive your startup company in the market in 2021. 

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