WPC Certificate for Import: Get The Best Consultants to Obtain This Certification

WPC Certificate

WPC Certificate for import, as the name suggests, is a mandatory certificate issued by the WPC or Wireless Planning Commission enabling you to import wireless products in India. It’s one mandatory document that not many people have heard of. However, it’s important and thus, can only be provided by the best consultants.

When it comes to ETA certificate, India is a step ahead of everyone. Even though India has grown self sufficient in terms of producing its own wireless products, we still rely on foreign nation’s goods because of their quality and price. Thus, to this day, it’s an optimal option to get ETA license if you want to import and sell wireless products of other countries.

That being said, the consultants, the one who provide you the services pertaining to this certification are also not many. In order to find the best among them, you should know some basic facts about ETA certificate for import. Through this article, you’ll know about all of them.

ETA Certificate is Only Meant for Importers

If you’re a wireless product manufacturer, then other than a business license and an EPR License, you don’t need anything else. However, we have received some calls from such manufacturers who often ask about ETA certification. To those we would like to say this: YOU DO NOT NEED IT.

An ETA License is only meant for importers of wireless products, no one else. Simply, ETA certificate for import is the only approval that’s needed.

And even then, only specific importers need to obtain this equipment type approval.

ETA Certificate is Not Needed for Approved Frequencies

IF you’re importing a wireless product that’s operating at an WPC-approved frequency, you don’t need another approval. So, how would you know whether or not you need the approval. Simple. Find the consultants. They can conduct an ETA certificate search. Doing so, they find out whether the frequency at which your product works is approved or not. If it is, you won’t need any further certification. If it’s not, then you’d require it through self-declaration.

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It Can Take One Month to Get ETA Approval

IN order to obtain ETA approval, you’d need at least one month. From getting the Radio-frequency test report from filing the online application, the process is going to take around 15 days. And once you’ve filed your application, the department will take it’s sweet time picking it up, processing it and prompting you to do a follow up. That’s another 15 days for you. Thus, you’d need to spend 1 month amidst the process of getting WPC Certificate. You can accelerate the process though, with the aid of a WPC ETA consultant.


Complex business licenses require the aid of nuanced experts. ETA certificate consultants are the definitive nuanced consultants that can aid you. From filing the application to conducting a follow up.

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