You Can Obtain The ISP License On Your Own Terms

ISP License

ISP license, the permit to provide internet access to the people of India, is one that’s considered a noble license. How can it not be with so many people searching for a way to connect with each other? However, even though the license is important, the government can’t allow just ANYONE to obtain it. It has set obstacles in the form of:

  1. High ISP license cost in India,
  2. Randomized ISP procedures,
  3. And stringent timeline.

These factors have ensured that you can’t get to sign the ISP license agreement on your own terms.

Until now.

In this blog, we are putting the entire information about the ISP license on the table. Reading this simple blog will give you an insight you need to obtain the license on your own terms.

First, Choose Between The Categories of ISP license

Who do you want to provide internet connection to? To an urban city, to the whole country or to some remote village that would prosper if it has internet access. Whatever your choice is, it’s reflected in the three categories of ISP license:

  1. Category A ISP: Most corporate giants look for ISP license in India to provide internet access to everyone. These are the people looking for monopoly and are willing to spend high ISP fee to get it. It’s because the category A ISP license is immensely costly.
  2. Category B ISP: For the starting entrepreneurs that have a respectable money to invest in ISP business, going countrywide is not wise. That’s why, they choose to provide internet to those regions that can provide them with ample of profits. Category B ISP empowers them to provide internet to one metropolitan city or a state. While the ISP license fees required to start it is quite high, it’s still lower and more practical than the category A license.
  3. Category C ISP: If your choice is not only to generate profit, but to earn the goodwill of the people, you can go with the category C license. The ISP license price associated with this license is lowest. Thus, it’s suitable for everyone.

So first, you need to make a choice regarding the category of ISP India. Once you do, you can proceed ahead with the rest of the steps.

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The Rest of The Steps of ISP License online registration

Making the right choice is where most license seekers get stumped. It’s that reason why we dedicated an entire section towards the category of ISP. Once you’ve decided upon the category, you need to make your business idea into a reality.


It’s simple. Register an ISP company. It’s free of cost and you won’t need to put any money up other than the professional company registration fees.

Once you have registered your ISP company, convene a board meeting. Sign a resolution in this meeting to apply for the ISP license. Pass a special resolution for the same later.

Go online and file the online application for ISP registration. It’s to get permit from the DOT to let your ISP conduct its operations. Download the application after paying the online license fee. Speed post the application along with the following documents to the Department of Telecommunication:

  1. Company registration certificate
  2. Copy of the board resolution
  3. List of company’s directors
  4. Shareholding pattern of your company
  5. Description of your ISP business.
  6. Receipt of the license fee.

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DOT will scrutinize your application and your documents. If that scrutiny yields positive results, you’ll receive a letter of Intent.

The letter of intent contains instructions of when and how to pay the bank guarantees. Do so as per the given time and send the copy of the signed bank guarantee agreement.

After you fulfil the requirements, you should obtain the ISP license.

Why we are saying that you should?

Often with government bodies, you’ll come across some hidden agendas and factors that are either driven by corruption or lack of communication. Thus, in order to obtain the license on your own terms, you need to hire an ISP license consultant.

In addition to knowing the answer to how to get ISP license in India, a consultant is familiar with all the players within the organization. He knows which details you need to show and which ones you’re not required to. Thus, in order to obtain the license on your own terms, you need outside assistance. We can provide it.

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