6 Ways to Improve Your Streaming Quality for Basketball Season


Basketball season is almost here, and that means you’ll need to be ready to stream your favorite teams. The good news? There are plenty of ways you can improve the quality of your internet connection and make sure that you aren’t missing any plays because your screen keeps freezing up or lagging behind in buffering. Here are six things you can do right now to ensure that when the ball goes up this fall, all eyes will be on your screen:

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as your internet speed. If you don’t have a fast enough connection, you can’t stream. So if you’re having trouble streaming basketball games and aren’t sure why it might be time for an upgrade.

  • Check Your Modem

Your modem is basically the middleman between your router and the internet provider (like Comcast or Time Warner). Make sure there are no issues with this piece of equipment that could be causing problems with streaming quality—you may have to call in an electrician if there’s an electrical issue that needs fixing.

  • Check Your Router

This is the piece of equipment that receives the signal from the modem and amplifies it so that multiple devices can access it at once (like when everyone in the house wants to binge-watch Netflix). A faulty router could lead to poor-quality streams for all users, but generally speaking, most routers work fine as long as they’re not too old or haven’t been damaged by a power surge or other event.

Connect Your Devices Directly to The Modem

If your home internet service is delivered over cable or DSL, you’re probably using a modem to connect to that service. The modem runs an Ethernet cable from your house’s main wire closet to a wall jack in your living room or den—that’s where you plug in your computer and other devices.

You can improve streaming quality for basketball games by connecting those devices directly to the modem instead of plugging them into the wall jack first. And it’s easy! Here’s how:

  • Turn off all wireless connections on all devices (including cordless phones). Some modems don’t like being connected directly if they’re also connected wirelessly, so switch everything over to Ethernet cables while testing out this method.
  • Plug each device into an open port on your router with an Ethernet cable, then turn them all back on again (and reconnect any wireless connections too).

Switch Up Your Router

If you’re looking to upgrade your router, you’ll want to make sure that it will be compatible with the internet service in your home. There are two main types of routers: wireless and hardwired. If you have an internet connection that is provided via a cable modem or DSL modem, then a wireless router will work best for you.

If you have fiber optic or satellite internet service, then it may be necessary to get a wired router instead of one that connects wirelessly to devices around the house (if this is something that interests you). You can find both kinds in stores that sell electronics like Best Buy and Amazon as well as online retailers like Newegg and Walmart.

When shopping around for new routers remember: they aren’t just about getting more features like faster speeds or stronger signal strength—they can also improve streaming quality by giving users access to more bandwidth so they don’t run into buffering issues due to high demand times during big games!

Use an Ethernet Cable if You’re Going to Stream on Your Desktop or Laptop.

If you’re streaming on a desktop or laptop using a tv streaming service like DIRECTV STREAM, the best way to improve your quality and reduce lag is with an ethernet cable. This is because these devices use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. If you don’t have access to ethernet cables, or if they’re not available in your home or office, then don’t worry; there are other options for improving streaming capabilities as well.

  • Purchase an Ethernet Adapter for Your Laptop: An Ethernet Adapter converts the Wi-Fi signal from your computer into an Ethernet signal so that it can be used through an ethernet cable connection on another device such as a router or switch. These are relatively inexpensive (and often come included with any new desktop computer) although they do require some technical knowledge regarding how they work (you’ll probably need someone else’s help).
  • Buy a Wireless Router With Built-In Gigabit Ports: Most routers support gigabit ports—which means there are 4 of them instead of 2; one pair acts as WAN ports while another pair acts as LAN ports (or vice versa). This means you can use either type of port depending on whether you want wireless access throughout your home/office space at all times (using wired Ethernet) or just during certain activities like gaming where it’s important not just stability but also speed since latency matters less when playing online games than watching sports online

Reduce Wifi Usage During Gametime

You can improve streaming quality by reducing your wireless internet usage during game time. Check the NBA schedules ahead of time to know what times to reduce device usage. This includes turning off any other wireless devices in your house, limiting the use of other devices during game time, and using a wired connection if possible. If you have to use your phone, turn off data roaming so that it doesn’t try to connect with nearby cell towers.

Basketball Season is Right Around The Corner, So it’s Time to Make Sure You Can Stream it in HD.

Basketball season is right around the corner, and you need to be able to stream in HD. You don’t want to miss a second of the action, but if your internet connection isn’t fast enough or doesn’t allow you to watch on more than one device at a time, you’ll be left out in the cold.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to improve your streaming quality for basketball season so that you can get all the basketball—and the HD—you want this year.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your streaming quality is at its best. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to test everything out before the game starts so that nothing goes wrong during the broadcast.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your basketball season!

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