All You Need to Know About BEE Certificate Registration in India

BEE Certificate Registration

BEE certificate registration is a requirement for electric appliance manufacturers as it gives star rating to those appliances based on their electric power efficiency. It’s issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and as a manufacturer, it’s imperative that you find out all that you can about it.

Under the provision of energy conservation act, 2001, the government of India came up with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. That agency started to develop policies and strategies to regulate energy consumption and achieve energy efficiency throughout the country.

As per the provisions of BEE certification is required for manufacturers on voluntary or mandatory basis. Mandatory basis BEE registration process needs to be followed for those manufacturers that produce appliance for which certification is mandatory. And voluntary registration is a choice that manufacturer of appliances that don’t fall under BEE jurisdiction can opt for.

In this article, we are going to cover all the major points of BEE certification service in India


Following are the objectives of BEE

  • Designing policies of energy conservation at national level
  • Verifying the results of those energy conservation policies
  • Assisting SMEs and MSMEs in establishing and implementing BEE certificate rules online.

Regulatory Activities of BEE

  • Creating standard of all the electrical appliances that may or may not consume more energy
  • Providing star rating through Bureau of Energy Efficiency Registration
  • Deciding the steps of BEE certification process
  • Developing norms for energy conservation
  • Certification of BEE officials

What Do BEE Promote?

Following are the promotional activities of Bureau of Energy Efficiency:

  • Promotion of voluntary star rating
  • Handling projects related to energy efficiency
  • Development of testing facilities
  • Financing innovating technologies
  • Creating courses pertaining to energy conservation
  • Financially assisting institutes that promote energy efficiency.

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Let’s Now Discuss Rating Certification

The rating that BEE gives indicate the compliance level of the brand that receives the said rating. As a recipient of the star rating, the applicant of BEE certificate registration has to adhere to specific energy conservation standards and ensure that the products are following them throughout their life cycle.

The process of BEE brand registration (Registering a company for BEE label)

  • Account creation at the S7L website
  • Choose company type
  • Register your agency
  • Pay registration fee
  • Pay the security deposit
  • Take the printout of the registration form
  • Attach to the agreement of INR 100 Judicial stamp

The process of BEE model registration is as follows

  • Application through S&L portal
  • Pay registration fee
  • Printout the registration form
  • Submit the form and product specimen to the BEE


BEE registration is a call to action to ensure that the product people use consumes less energy. If you’re wondering whether you should opt for it, or wondering about the BEE certificate registration fee, stop doing so. All you need to know is this: Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification gives a star rating to your electrical appliance. People can get attracted towards it considering it as a review of your product. Thus, if you want to know more about this BEE certification process, consult with our experts.

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