Best Phone Tracker App For Android High School Bully

Best Phone Tracker App

Best Phone Tracker App For Android

Best Phone Tracker App: The last week has been a roller coaster ride for our family. We have been to ER, to the principal office, in search of teen therapy, and did not have a sound sleep. We knew that the whole lockdown situation was hard for all of us and especially kids. They had plans for the semester and all and it did not happen the way they all had thoughts in the mind. It was hard on mental health and My teen was super anxious and stressed but I was kind of hoping that once the school will reopen everything will be back to normal and settle down.

But we were shocked as the situation turned out totally opposite. The piled-up anger and frustration made him a  bully at school. He was doing that since the last month but the situation remained mild so things got under control but last week he crossed the line. He fought with one of his classmates on a petty minor issue and broke his nose. When we reached the hospital ER, the poor kid’s shirt was all red. We were so embarrassed in front of the victim’s parents and apologized for as much as we can.

When we came back home, a family meeting was called and it was decided that there is no chance in hell that we will ever forgive or forget this issue. So as a counter remedy we announced that he will be monitored 24/7 through his gadgets. We know cellphone is the only thing he is afraid to lose for the time being. So we are going to use this weakness to keep him on the straight path. And I am glad that so far we are accomplishing the mission.

The use of the phone tracker app is a blessing in this era and apps like The OneSpy offer the best parental control app for android. It works like you are with your kid the whole day and night and know all about his activities like a shadow. Want to know about it more here we go.

Learn About Any Heated Discussion:

Mostly these kinds of fights start with any pant up anger about any heated discussion. Learn about any kind of issue with the mic bug feature offered by the android spy app. It bugs the mic of the target phone, thus parents can listen to the kid any time anywhere. Listen to all the discussions, random chats, or deep conversations of your kid with other class fellows and know about the details with your ears.

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Make Sure No Evidence Gets Manipulated:

Sometimes smart kids try to manipulate the situation and try to misuse the bad reputation of any kid. Make sure that one mistake of your kid doesn’t make him lose all the good points of the past. Keep eyes on every angle and aspect, and use the camera bug feature offered by the spy app as well. The front and rear cameras of the teen’s smart gadgets are used to capture the surrounding environment. The random pictures of the teen will help you know about the normal friend and company of the teenager efficiently.

Say No To Spam Calls And Texts:

Take good care of the kid not only in real life but on the digital platform as well. Discourage the use of cellular service such as call or text as a way to harass anyone. Keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing calls of the teenagers with call log features of the hidden android spy app. You can check any odd timing call conversation as well by using the call recording feature. Similarly, a text message can also be monitored with complete timestamps information and eyes on the content. Track any coded message and know about any addition or deletion in the call log of the teen.

Features offered by the best phone tracker app for android can work for all the parents of teenagers who are busy with their life but want to be there for the kids. As far as minors are concerned they need rigorous and efficient monitoring software that keeps a strict eye on their habits and protect them from modern days problems.


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