Does Your Laptop Suffer from Random Hangs? 10 Common Reasons Why

Laptop Hangs

Does Your Laptop Suffer from Random Hangs? The influence of laptops has changed the way we work. You can say it is the sophisticated version of the computer. The users are a lot more involved in laptops than a computer. Why shouldn’t they? You can take your laptop anywhere and even use it to send emails, or other important documents to the office anytime. 

But, you may often see that your laptops are getting hung or frozen. Below are some of the reasons mentioned to help you out. To help you to solve the problems. If you are a Mac user, then you can go to the MacBook service center Lucknow

The Primary Cause That Can Lead Your Laptops to Hang

Often you will see your laptops freeze, and this is one of the problems that the user faces. There are a few reasons that cause this problem and the reasons are listed below. These points will help you to solve the problems faster.

  1. A Lot of Apps are Running Together

Often people ignore this, but too many apps running on your system can hang your laptop. Every app or application running on your system needs some internal and hardware resources. If you are running multiple applications and programs, then your laptop might not function properly. As it is also using the system’s memory to run these applications. 

By running a single application, at a time, you can avoid this problem. This way you can make sure that your laptop doesn’t hang. Mac users can also face this problem. You can take help from the Apple service centre in Lucknow.

Driver-related problems can also be the reason why your laptop is hanging or freezing. Or, your driver is either damaged or outdated. If you have installed a video driver and is not updated, then you may face hanging issues on your laptop. Further, make sure you check the window device and manage the devices that are not connected. Also, you are advised to check properly that no exclamation mark or red X mark is there next to the device icon. Lastly, you need to upgrade your driver to the latest version for video, sound, etc. 

  • Update Your Operating System to Avoid the Laptop to Freeze

Check whether all the updates are installed or not, it will make your system run smoothly. You are advised to use a legal copy of the operating system so that you can keep your system updated. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, then it will help you to download the updates easily. 

Windows 10 users will see that the update option is coming automatically. Windows don’t allow the user to turn it off. You are also advised to work on a third hard drive recovery software, in case you have data loss while updating. This software will help you to restore your data back.

  • When Your Laptop is Heated Excessively 

The laptop can also hang if your system processor’s temperature is higher than normal. You will see that your laptop’s processor is making abnormal noise on startup. This is a symptom through which you can detect the temperature. You are advised to listen carefully to the sound produced by the fan, and also make sure no error message is reported by the BIOS. 

  • You Will Find Hardware Defect 

Your laptop can also hang if it does not have a proper configuration. The main reason why you are facing this problem is because of the defect in hardware that you have installed recently. It might be possible the component that you have installed is incompatible. To find out the main problem you have to remove the hardware, and then test if your laptop is running smoothly or not. You should look for an alternate for the defective hardware.  

  • Inadequate RAM Can Freeze Your Laptop

Another reason why your laptop hangs could be inadequate RAM. If you see that your laptop hangs at regular intervals, then be sure that it is because of inadequate RAM. To run your system smoothly you need to have substantial RAM. Further, it might be possible that you have installed 3D games or other applications that are too bulky for the system. This will cause laptop freezing issues.  

Further, you will also see that the motherboard, CPU, and power supply might not work properly. In this case, you are advised to update your RAM, or even you can reinstall the OS. 

  •  You Need to Adjust BIOS settings

You need to adjust your BIOS setting into default. Generally, it has been observed that in many cases that unnecessary modification in the BIOS can cause the laptop’s system to hang. An increase in system processors or RAM can cause uncertain issues. The setting can be reset by removing CMOS and putting it in after a few minutes. Thus, you are advised to update the BIOS system on time so that these issues do not occur. Lastly, If you are unable to solve the problem, then you can take help from the Apple service centre in Lucknow. 

Make sure that you have an efficient power supply unit. It might be possible that the power supply unit is not well-structured to carry the proper voltage, as per the requirement of the system. Even though you have everything updated like the processor, RAM, GUP, motherboard, etc still without a proper power supply you cannot run the system. 

Further, a sudden power-off can freeze the laptop on the next startup. Thus, try installing a continuous power supply unit that can handle the low voltage. 

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  • You Will Also See an Error in The External Device

You have to frequently restart your system if you connect a faulty external device. These external devices can be a mouse, keyboard, USB cable, or any other thing connected to your laptop. Further, it can cause a sudden system shutdown that can hang your laptop. If you want to check whether your system works normally or not, you have to remove all the connected external devices. You are also advised to upgrade your USB device driver. 

  • You Might Often See That Your Hard Drive is Not Functioning 

You will find that a strange sound is coming from your CPU. It is because of the fact that your CPU is not working properly. You can go to different websites where you can find methods to solve this problem. Or, you can also run a diagnostic check to examine the problem. 

It might be possible that due to this malfunction some of your data might get deleted. But, no need to get panic about this, you can use the hard disk recovery tool. Moreover, if you are a Mac user, then to clean the drive, you have to first go to the Apple menu. Now, from the storage menu, you can clean your drive. 


So, the above-mentioned points are the reason that causes your laptops to hang. If you come across any of the problems, then you can either solve them on your own or can hire professionals. Remember, if you have inadequate knowledge about laptops then only you can fix it on your own. Moreover, you can also hire professionals from the MacBook repair service in Lucknow. 

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