How to Choose an eCommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce website builder

Are you wondering how to build that perfect and attractive eCommerce business website for your company?

Well, you are certainly at the right place. As technological advancements in social media channels, email marketing, inventory management have made almost everything easy, how could website building for online selling stay behind!

The good news is that many eCommerce website builders are available online. These tools can help you build the best ever eCommerce website for your online store. With a range of templates and samples to view, you definitely be able to construct appealing online stores.

Here are some factors to consider as you view different eCommerce platform builders for your online business.

Easy to Use

For store owners, it is essential to have a website that can be tweaked according to consumer responses, competition from other eCommerce platforms, and new eCommerce tools. You need to be able to alter the site’s functioning if something goes wrong with the details of the business online.

Now, while that might sound like the work of a development team, not all online stores that start selling can afford these.

Moreover, different online store builder applications have varied approaches in terms of ease of use. As a general rule, try to take up a website builder with a drag and drop function. Along with this, having an intuitive editor will also make the job easy if you want to customize the eCommerce site elements.

The website builder should typically provide you with some samples as to how the eCommerce site would look and how the accessibility will be once you sell products.

Customizable Features

Modifiable features play a massive role when you’re zeroing down on the eCommerce builder for your online store.

When assessing the tool’s features, do look for aspects such as mobile-friendly designs, blogging system, various high-quality royalty-free pictures, a great-looking cart, and of course, an option to add third-party marketing tools on the website.

While you’re at it, try to include some customizable SEO options for your online store as well. These SEO features in a website builder will help you sell online with better on-site optimization.

Moreover, the builder must allow you to alter the meta elements in the eCommerce website in the most straightforward manner and have a sitemap directed to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.


Pricing is a make-or-break factor when choosing the best eCommerce website builders for a professional online store.

You must try to manage an eCommerce website builder under your budgetary constraints. So, the first step is to draft the budget for the same in your business’s online finances.

In case you want to check how the balance should be made to sell online, go through the pricing plan descriptions along with the user reviews. It is definitive to choose an eCommerce builder that ticks all your requirements without causing a burn in your pocket.

Pro Tip: A good eCommerce builder site for business online will most likely provide a number of free resources such as domain name, SSL certificate, and free eCommerce certificates. If you’re lucky, you might even find some that provide free built-in SEO tools or built-in marketing tools as well.

Secure Payment System

Studies say that more than 55% of consumers tend to leave the online buying process just before the payment process. This presses how essential it is to have a safe and easy payment system while selling online.

Consumers would definitely like their personal information such as email address, bank, and credit card details to not go in the wrong place. Choose reliable eCommerce website builders to inculcate a secure channel for payment.

Additionally, try to have multiple ways to accept payments as customers shop online on your eCommerce store. These could include major credit cards, online payments such as Paypal, Apple Pay, etc.

Support Team

How good is an interface if it cannot aid customers in times of issues? You should choose a builder for your online store that allows you 24 x 7 customer support.

This is even more essential at the beginning of the website building process. You might even look for those store builders that allow you to have a free plan to test waters at the start.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the factors that you must keep in mind as you make your way through finalizing the store builder for eCommerce platforms. Do keep a check of all the tools provided, such as social media marketing tools, how the design aids sales channels, the monthly fees to pay, and many more.

With proper research, you will surely find the best eCommerce builder ever with the right eCommerce tools and can start selling online today!

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