5 Prime Ways For Websites to Stay at the Top of Search Engines

SEO technique

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a method of optimizing the website or a single page to improve its visibility in search engines. SEO techniques are very helpful in increasing traffic and making it easy for web crawlers to visit and index sites. It is one of the most effective ways for site SEO. This method is carried out by link-building. There are many 5 best ways for website SEO that include directory submission, blog comments, connecting, article posting, and Social bookmarking.

Directory Submission

  • Directory submission is the best, easiest and fastest way to increase website traffic. Website owners can submit their URLs to all major search directories such as Yahoo and Google. Directories are maintained by independent persons paid by the search engine companies. If you submit your site to a directory, send the URL to thousands of other sites. Some directories have higher page margins than others, but these are generally not used by the regular user.

Blog Commenting

  • Blog commenting is a popular SEO techniques among bloggers. You can start a new discussion about a special topic and leave a comment with your URL at the end. Make sure that we give beneficial information to readers so that they will be able to find your website. You can leave a connection that indicates to each annotation that you are making.


  • Connecting Popularity is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization. There are many ways to gain connectivity, but one of the most reliable methods includes usage items to promote your site. Simply writing articles about the topics associated with your site while adding some links to the article body can dramatically increase the number of backlinks that points to your page. Always make sure you include keywords, otherwise, if you discuss these topics, you probably won’t see any results.

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Articles Submission

  • Articles submission lists are one of the best possibilities for the website SEO. Simply write an informative article about the subject or the niche in which you are, put below a link to your website and send the article in an article list. There are also free article lists which you can submit, but are carefully before those with many spam links. You hold quality and unique contents visitor, and with the right articles, you can easily reach website ranking and high search engine rankings.

Social Bookmarking

  • Social bookmarked pages are an effective way to get more connections to your website and even more traffic. Simply browse through the most popular bookmarked sites, such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Propeller, and create unique invoices for everyone. When you try to market your page or product, convince yourself to create bills on as many social bookmarked pages as you can. This will allow you to spread the word over your business, and with the enlarged backlinks you will get from the various bookmarked pages on which you have created invoices, you will be able to reach a much wider audience than you have skilled with just one method. The most important thing is that you hit original content, so make sure you use article spinners that are optimized for the different search engines.

A crucial part of search engine optimization is to submit your website to all major search engines. Many people do not realize that the big search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and therefore there are always new ways in which websites can be ranked. Therefore, if you want to stay at the top of the search engines, make sure you submit your website to all major search engines. One of the best ways for sites to rank high on search engines is to rent a professional SEO company in india. These companies not only focus on keyword optimization and link building but also provide expert advice on how to market your website.

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